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04, Sep, 2009

Friday 4th September 2009


Rory received the second batch of his stem cells today to rescue his immune system after his second cycle of chemo.  It isn't a very nice process but thankfully occurs fairly quickly (within 10 minutes).  Rory feels hot and ceases to communicate with words, only making noises of distress as his body rallies against the preservative.  Thankfully this time he didn't vomit.  He again smells like sweet corn.  Rory had another restless night (in the hospital can there be any other kind) and started early at 5.30am.  I had given up even trying to tell whether I was supposed to be awake or sleeping by then.  His weight has dropped down to 23.2kg, it turns out yesterdays increase was the result of the fluids.  He has been receiving regular pain relief today, you can tell when it wears off as he is restless and crabby.  His blood cultures have grown nothing so the doctors have stopped the iv antibiotics. 

We have had several visitors.  The lovely Steph called in this afternoon with the beads of courage, Rory has earned 36 since our last catch up, including one special beads for receiving his stem cells.  Amy the dietician has been in every day to check on Rory, as has the lovely Nicola.  Rory had a two hour sleep this afternoon and seems a little off colour to me, not his usual happy self.  He is now sitting on the bed building with the lego.  We heard through the hospital grapevine our friends Jo, Matt and Mia are back on ward 26a (neuro services), right below us.  We hope to pop down and see them tomorrow before Rory is discharged to RM House, hopefully by lunch time.  We took delivery of a large parcel at RM House this week, three mats from Safe Play for Rory's therapy programme.  Owners Liz and Vaughan generously gave us a 30% discount and arranged for delivery of the mats when they heard about Rory.  We were very appreciative.