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06, Sep, 2009

Sunday 6th September 2009


I'm worried about Rory, and frightened.  He's just not himself.  This round of chemo has really knocked him.  He is a lot more tired than I expected him to be, and he's still vomiting intermittently.  I will feel a lot better tomorrow after he's had a blood test, and I've discussed the results and my concerns with the Doctor at clinic in the morning. 

Rory got a finger prick blood test yesterday morning, and the Doctor examined him and said he was well enough to be discharged to RM House.  The Nurses injected the Insuflon into his right thigh, gave him his first dose of GCSF, and loaded Sean and I with equipment for the next few days (lines for the ng pump, alcohol swabs, syringes and needles).  After we had finished unpacking at RM House we headed out to Ambury Regional Park for a walk.  Rory was feeling tired and unwell by mid afternoon and slept in the buggy after we gave him some pain relief.  We drove back through Cornwall Park and it was packed with people out on a sunny Saturday afternoon. 

Rory had a dreadful night, waking several times, eventually refusing to go back to sleep at 4.30am.  His milkshake ran at 70ml/hr last night and when I disconnected him this morning he vomited a quarter of the bag back up again.  The ng tube was ejected 2-3 inches out of his nose and had to be eased back down.  The episode was frightening and messy.  I gave Rory the GCSF at 9am and we took him out into the Domain to feed the pigeon.  He got as far as the Museum before he needed the bathroom, then we had to race back to RM House for a second stop.  We tried Rory on the energy milkshake last night and it was too powerful for his stomach and gave him diahorrea.  We put Rory to bed and he slept for 1.5 hours.  When he woke up we took him out to get some supplies, and to visit my friend from Massey University, Victoria.  When Sean got a bite to eat mid-afternoon Rory was sick, and again when we got back to RM house after he had drunk a little juice.  He can't stand the sight or smell of food, and is drinking very little.  Sean was due to go home today, but stayed back to help out with Rory.  It is a struggle for one person to care for Rory when he is unwell.  I appreciate him staying but know he needs a break.  Grannie and Grandad Gardiner have been caring for Sam in our absence. 

Happy Fathers Day Sean, Poppa Honnor and Grandad Gardiner xox Leigh, Rory and Sam