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09, Sep, 2009

Wednesday 9th September 2009 Part II


We very nearly made it to RM House but tonight we are spending another night on the ward.  The Doctor thinks the vomiting and diahorea were a result of the chemo and nothing more.  Repeated episodes create further problems and a downward spiral.  The aim for today was to re-start Rory's tube feeding to get him some nutrition.  He has been switched to a simpler formula, and the Nurse started the feed at 5mls/hr.  It has been increased slowly during the day and now sits at 25mls/hr.  Fortunately the vomiting and diahorea have stopped and Rory seems to be tolerating the feed.  He had an hours sleep in the middle of the day and woke up grumpy.  We had a visit from Jackie from the Child Cancer Foundation who is temporarily plugging a gap due to the departure of Carol. 

At 4.30pm the Doctor came and said Rory could be discharged.  I lugged all the gear down to RM House then returned to collect Rory.  He felt a little warm so I took his temp and it was 38 degrees.  The Doctor told us to hang around for an hour and then the Nurse would re-check his temperature.  Rory and I needed to get out so I wheeled him in the buggy with the feed stand over to Auckland Hospital where we visited Matt, Jo, Mia and new baby Oscar in the maternity ward (which took some finding - we very nearly got lost).  Baby Oscar is beautiful and tiny at 6lbs.  Rory got to hold him and couldn't believe Sam had once been almost as small.  When we got back to the Ward Rory's temp had dropped to 37.4 degrees but the Doctor wasn't prepared to discharge him.  His immune system is non-existent so any temperature is cause for concern.  So back down to RM House I went to collect and bring up the gear.  Rory is now asleep beside me and I won't be far off it either.  It is comforting to look around the ward and see other mum's in pyjamas, often there is little dignity in being a mother.