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10, Apr, 2009

10th April 2009

Happy Easter everyone! 

Rory's temperature continues to go up and down from 36.4 to 39.1 degrees.  He is also tired and having a few headaches.  The doctors aren't sure what is wrong.  His chest x-ray and blood cultures are fine, but his white cell count is up a bit.  It may just be a cold, but they are going to take a sample of csf (cerebral spinal fluid) through his button at 4pm.  He is still in the ward at Starship but is itching to get out to Ronald McDonald House. 

We had a lovely visit today from Debs who bought a parcel of yummy treats on behalf of her family John, Alex and Simon.  Debs is the auntie of Zac and Conor who are good mates of Rory and Sam.  Thanks heaps the muffins are beautiful! 

I returned to Starship at lunchtime with our secret weapon against Rory's boredom and sadness - brother Sam, although he is already terrorising the ward in the wheel chair.  I also brought with me a parcel of news from Rorys class, Room 3 at Dargaville Primary.  They had made a fantastic banner which reads "We miss you Rory.  Get well soon".  There was a photo of each child in his class holding up a letter in the sentence.  There was also a folder of creative writing and a note from his teacher Miss Barr.  She is leaving for studies and work overseas.  Miss Barr Rory wants me to tell you he is sad you are leaving and he will miss you a lot.  We wish you all the best, and he would love for you to call in and say goodbye. 

What we are going through often gives rise to conflicting emotions.  It was wonderful to go home for 24 hours, see Sam, be out in the country with the space and silence, let out some pressure, get a good nights sleep, and be home.  You have feelings of never wanting to go back.  But the distance also gives rise to an overwhelming sense of anxiety and an urgent need to return.