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13, Sep, 2009

Sunday 13th September 2009


Rory is still feeling tired, miserable, and unwell in himself.  I wish there was something I could do to lift him up so he could find his feet, but he only picks up for short intervals then falls back down.  The Doctors say he will improve in the coming days as his immune system recovers.  His white blood count was 0.24 today so it is heading in the right direction.

Yesterday morning Rory had a turn which left my hands shaking.  It occurred soon after the Nurse started the blood transfusion.  He was complaining of a sore throat then clutched his throat and began turning red.  I hit the alarm button and he started to wretch so I grabbed the container and supported his back.  He coughed up some thick saliva then his nose started to bleed.  I pinched his nose and started to panic, calling for the Nurse as no one had come.  I tried to calm Rory and get him to take slow breaths out of his mouth.  When the Nurse arrived the situation had calmed a little so she went and got a Doctor.  The Doctor checked Rory out for any signs of an allergic reaction to the blood transfusion.  He didn't appear to have any but the Doctor reduced the flow of the transfusion.  Thankfully Rory didn't have another turn.  I now know where the emergency button is. 

Rory slept a lot yesterday and watched tv.  We had a game of Monopoly (Rory won) and several of Make-N-Break.  He was restless and grizzly all night so neither of us got much sleep.  He has a sore tummy this morning, and went to the toilet.  I took a sample for the lab.  He has had another bleeding nose so is currently receiving a platelet transfusion (his platelets have dropped to 15).  There has been some good news; his weight has increased to 23.4kg, the ng feed (milkshake) is now running at 20ml per hour, nothing has grown from yesterdays blood cultures, and his temperature has declined almost back to normal.  I gave Rory his daily dose of GCSF and a massage this morning, and we have started a new Geronimo Stilton story (his favourite).  Sean and I bought Rory a game to play on the Playstation3 in the ward room, but as I am technologically challenged (as it seems are the Nurses) we haven't played it yet (I can't get the game to start).