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14, Sep, 2009

Monday 14th August 2009


It is wonderful to see a little light in our lives.  The sun is shining in the sky outside, and inside the ward room Rory is making a birthday card for Grannie Gardiner who turns the big 60 at the end of this month - she won't be happy I let that one out of the bag (he he).  It is wonderful to see Rory sitting up, pain free, and actively engaged in an activity.  I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  It has been really hard seeing him at rock bottom. 

It was a quiet day yesterday.  Rory was drained of energy, and wasn't interested in anything.  He watched a little tv, we started a puzzle, he built a small lego fire truck, and we read some Geronimo Stilton.  He received his daily GCSF injection, and the milkshake was kept running at 20 ml/hr.  Rory had some severe stomach cramps and rather than give him more medication I am trying the medi-teddy (like a hottie) to relieve the pain. 

This morning shortly after Rory woke up he had severe stomach cramps again so it was back to the medi-teddy.  Doctor Stephen said it will take a while for his stomach to heal and settle down, so in the mean time Rory is farting like a demon and would put a group of Stink busters to shame.  His weight is stable this morning, and his white blood count has continued to increase ever so slowly (today 0.42).  He had a finger prick blood test this morning for a glucose level as his result yesterday was very high.  Today's level was fine.  It was likely the sample from yesterday was contaminated.  The blood culture taken from Saturday has grown nothing so Doctor Stephen has stopped the iv antibiotics.  The poo sample from yesterday morning was negative for rotavirus so it looks as though it has passed.  His temperature remains normal.  If it spikes again over the next couple of days the Nurse will take another blood culture.  Amy the Dietician has been in.  The Nurses will continue increasing the volume of the milkshake (it's now on 25 ml/hr), and decreasing the TPN (intravenous feeding).  He is still on the most basic feed (elemental), and may move up to the semi-elemental feed tomorrow or Wednesday.  He has also had the dressing changed on his Hickman line.  We have passed the time today; completing a Wasjig puzzle, reading Geronimo Stilton, playing Blokus and Make'n'Break, watching Scooby Do, doing a little school work, and working on a pirate activity book. 

Sean arrives tomorrow.  I am going to head for home on Wednesday after I have had a good night sleep at RM House on Tuesday night  I couldn't leave before now, but with Rory stabilising I feel better about stepping away for a couple of days.  Sean will stay behind to care for Rory.  Sam and I will be returning in the weekend, and with any luck we might get Rory home on Monday.