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19, Sep, 2009

Saturday 19th September 2009


Sean brought Rory home last night, and he had been home a little over an hour before disaster struck.  He sat at the dinner table last night and ate a little bit, the first time he has done this in a while.  After he left the table he complained of feeling sick, and then vomiting violently enough to eject the bottom of the ng tube out of his mouth.  Sean removed the whole tube and I phoned Dargaville and then Whangarei Hospitals to arrange a replacement this morning.  As a result Rory didn't get his milkshake last night.  He slept right through the night without a sound.  This morning I gave him his GCSF injection and the antibiotic to protect his lungs.  He has to take this on Saturdays and Sundays for the next few weeks.  We all headed over to Whangarei Hospital and a Nurse in Ward 2 replaced the ng tube.  I was shocked the Nurse had a hard time sourcing the correct tube.  We were getting a little anxious we would have to return to Starship to get it done.  While we were in Whangarei we bumped into our friends the Millers (minus Lewis).  It was lovely to see them again.  We are now home and Rory is on the couch with the milkshake running at 70ml/hr.  He had had intermittent shoulder and elbow pain which we are managing with pamol and a hottie. 

On Thursday Rory and Sean had problems with the ng tube.  It was blocking so Sean couldn't give Rory his medication.  Much of Rory's medication goes down the ng tube as he doesn't like taking it orally.  Sean managed to unblock the tube with a mix of hot water and Coke.  They then went out into the Domain for a walk and Rory fed a group of 13 ducklings.  He rang me all excited.  In the afternoon the boys went towning around.  Rory has been coughing a bit lately and it sets off a gag reflex because of the ng tube.  Rory has to fight the urge to vomit.  It was a hive of activity at home at Waihue on Thursday.  Sam stayed home from school because he was still a bit under the weather, and didn't want to be far from home.  We whisked Sparky into the Dargaville Vets for nut removal (castration).  When we arrived home Trudi, Katherine, Brenda and Trudi's mum Gloria arrived to help me pack.  It was like a chook house as they swept in full of noise and energy.  Brenda came bearing a fabulous lunch of sundried tomato bread, vegetable soup, and cake.  I could hardly keep up with the women as the house hummed until lunchtime.  Sam spent his time being called on for assistance, and playing with Kody's two year old sister Stella (although when she repeatedly asked him "Sam ... bubbles" he countered with "later").  It was really lovely to have the assistance of these lovely ladies (thank you all).  After they left I spent the remainder of the afternoon bring order to what remained.  Sam and I ducked down town to pick up Sparky and an anonymous donor had paid for his nut removal.  I'm still not sure who but I wanted to say thank you. 

Rory had a restless night on Thursday with sore legs (due to the Vincristine), and his ng tube blocked for good.  Sean and Rory headed up to Starship at 8.30am Friday morning for a cardiac echo.  Fortunately there had been no change since the last echo was done which was good news.  Rory then had a finger prick blood test, his platelets were still quite low (37) but his white blood count had climbed to over 2.  At the Oncology clinic a Nurse replaced Rory's ng tube.  Sean said he was very brave and hardly made a sound.  Suckling on an iceblock helped, as did moistening the end of the tube which goes up his nose with his own spit.  Sean whisked them out for a short walk in the Domain, and then packed up the room at RM House in the hope Rory could go home.  We have to vacate the room when we are not there.  Rory saw Dr Stephen at midday.  He was happy for Rory to return home, but he has to continue the daily GCSF injections (with a blood test on Monday morning in Dargaville), and take an antibiotic for his lungs which is to be taken in the weekend.  Rory and Sean were both excited to be on the road heading north by mid-afternoon.  Sam and I were glad to see them home at tea time.