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22, Sep, 2009

Tuesday 22nd September 2009


Rory has continued to sleep through the night since he got home, only waking for a pee or when the pump alarm goes off because he is lying on the tube stopping the flow.  We are grateful for this small slice of normality in his life.  Sam's bed has been moved into Rory's room, as we are packing, so we can hear the boys chattering before they fall asleep every night, and when they wake up in the morning.  It is a very pleasant sound. 

Sunday was a quiet day spent packing at home.  Greg and Matai Newman called in to pick up the firewood they had given us a month earlier as we no longer need it  Greg was  a bit embarrassed about being an Indian giver but we thought it was very funny. 

Rory continues to receive the milkshake overnight (1000mls).  It is now running at a steady 75ml/hr.  He is taking Maxilon to ensure the milkshake moves through his system preventing nausea.  Over the weekend he received a daily GCSF injection to assist his immune system recover, and the antibiotic to protect his lungs. 

Yesterday (Monday) I took Rory to Dargaville Hospital for a finger prick blood test.  His white blood count was high at 22.6, but his platelets were only 47 (they take longer to recover).  At this level the daily GCSF injections can stop.  Sean removed the Insuflon, the small plug with a fine line under Rory's skin through which the injection is given.  This is one less thing to keep dry in the bath.  We called into Duck Creek, the local garden centre, to pick up some native plants (Puka, Pohutukawa).  We gave them to Dargaville Primary School, to Mr Russek (the Principal), along with three books for the library.  This was to say thank you for everything the school has done for us (see the photos).  We also had a Hebe speciosa for Whaea Danielle.  This large endangered Hebe grows only at Arai Te Uru (mouth of the Hokianga Harbour) and Maunganui Bluff.  Whaea Danielle has left a lasting impression on all of us with her big heart.  Rory called in to Room 3 to show his class his five strings of courage beads, and catch up on the news.  Rory's friend Hugo is also finishing school this week, so there is a farewell morning tea tomorrow. 

After visiting Dargaville Primary Rory and I called in to the Kauri Coast DoC office to drop off a couple of items I found while we were packing, and to say Hi to my good friend Heni.  It was lovely to see her.  We spent the remainder of the day organising our move and packing.  Rory is coughing a bit on and off so I am keeping an eye on him.