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11, Apr, 2009

11th April 2009

It was a rough night, what with high temperatures, medication, monitoring, ivs, and blood tests.  Rory and I eventually fell asleep at 4.30am.  He awoke at 7am and said to me "Mum I've had a good sleep" and I wondered if we had even been in the same universe!  Children are incredibly resilient.  It's us adults who struggle to keep the pace!

Rory is keen to break free of the ward for Ronald McDonald House but the Drs are holding fire.  His temperature is still spiking over 39 degrees at least twice a day, associated with a bad headache.  We seem to have found the right medicine combination to ease it and help assist bringing the temperature down, but we haven't managed to stop them from occurring.  We hope in time, and with antibiotics, his system will right itself.

Sam has added a new dimension to our lives here.  It has been wonderful to have him close again.  But I had forgotten how much energy fit healthy kids have!  Both boys are looking forward to the arrival of the Easter bunny tomorrow.