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02, Oct, 2009

Friday 2nd October 2009


Rory received a blood transfusion yesterday (Thursday) morning so the third cycle of chemo could start.  The Doctor said if we wait for his counts to come up on their own we won't be treating his disease, which is the priority.  The blood transfusion elevated Rory's haemoglobin to an acceptable level.  After the transfusion Rory received his first chemo drug, Vincristine, by push, and then the Cisplatin was infused over six hours.  It was a quiet day with Rory feeling well.  We passed the time playing games, reading, and drawing.  Rory had a visit from Amy the Dietician, and Rachel the physio.  He received a neat letter of support and a donation from the Student Support Centre at Orewa College, and the new Northland representative for the Child Cancer Foundation, Donna, gave us a call to introduce herself.  The lovely Brenda surprised me by txted me a phone card (thank you). 

It was a rough night for Sean and Rory on the ward last night.  Rory started vomiting around midnight, and was up to the toilet or for a pee often due to the hyper hydration.  He was given anti-nausea medication (Zofran and a patch behind his ear).  Pamol and the medi-teddy (like a hottie) were used for the pain in his legs brought on by the Vincristine.  Meanwhile Sam and I were having an adventure of our own.  He was complaining about a sore throat yesterday, and last night it was inflamed so I took him down to A&E after dinner at RM House.  It was 9pm before we were seen.  His virus/infection was a minor ailment, but could have been a big risk to Rory, as was the two of us sitting amongst unwell children in the A&E waiting area for ages.  I had to get angry to stop him getting continuously bumped to the bottom of the priority list.  The Doctor gave Sam an antibiotic. 

It was good to have a decent sleep in the apartment at St Martins.  Sam and I got up earlyish and went for a run in the Domain.  It was my first run in months.  I managed 6kms but it wasn't easy.  Sam tore around on his bike.  The smooth, relatively flat, pavement of the Domain is a piece of cake for him compared to the uneven, steep, unsealed road at Waihue.  Sam and I arrived at the Ward in time for Doctors rounds, and all seems to be going ok with Rory's chemo.  Sam and I gave him a wash this morning while Sean headed back to the apartment for the same.  The boys are now playing Madagascar2 on the Playstation.