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03, Oct, 2009

Saturday 3rd October 2009


Happy Birthday Mands and Heni.  I hope you wahine ataahua (beautiful ladies) have a great day.  You are in our thoughts. 

Rory has been feeling pretty miserable over the last 24 hours.  He received the chemo drug cyclophosphamide yesterday and the Nurse has just connected an iv for a repeat dose today.  Rory has been vomiting, but thankfully has not had diahorrea.  He lies in his bed not interested in anything.  He has passed the time watching tv, and we have read some stories.  He is still peeing every hour due to the hyper-hydration, and this makes for a rough night.  I don't think he or I got much sleep last night on the ward.  He can't keep any medication down so the Doctor gave him some morphine this morning as he was in pain.  It has taken away the pain but made him a bit out of it.  He is still unhappy.  We are trying to get some milkshake into him every day but we have reduced the rate/hr and returned to the more basic feed to make it more acceptable to his body.  The Doctors have changed his anti-nausea medication from oral to iv. 

It was Sean and Sam's turn at the apartment last night, and they went for a run around the Domain this morning.  The construction workers have almost finished the Grafton Bridge which we cross multiple times every day.  The days have passed more quickly with all of us here.  We are able to take turns with Rory, and get some sleep and exercise.  Rory also draws strength from all of us, and is buoyed by Sam's presence.