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04, Oct, 2009

Sunday 4th October 2009


Rory continued to vomit yesterday (Saturday).  The Doctors tried three types of anti-nausea medication but nothing seemed to work.  It was the same during the previous cycles of chemo.  Rory is receiving strong doses of chemo drugs which are known to cause vomiting.  Rory spiked a temperature in the afternoon (38.5 degrees) so a blood culture was taken to check for infection.  He was started on a broad spectrum antibiotic as a precautionary measure.  Rory received a second dose of morphine in the afternoon.  He refuses to take medication orally, and over the past 24 hours anything put down his ng tube causes him to vomit, including pamol.  The morphine has a strange effect on Rory.  As well as stopping his pain it makes him a bit spacey, and cheekier than usual.  It also makes him more mature.  It is almost like he is my teenage son after a few beers on a Friday night.  I have done a double take at a couple of things he has said. 

Rory's semi-elemental milkshake was re-started at 2am this morning but he vomited it up (and some) at 3.30am so it was turned off.  It was re-started this morning around 9am, just after Sam and I arrived.  Sam and I went for our morning run around the Domain, just beating the rain.  I found the going a bit tougher after a restless sleep.  Even though I am away from the hospital it is impossible to switch off the constant flow of thoughts and feelings, the fear and the worry.  I sleep lightly waiting for a call something is wrong.  We saw the Doctor on rounds at 10am.  The vomiting has caused Rory's potassium level to drop so they have added potassium to his iv fluids.  The anti-nausea medication was stopped, apart from Maxilon which he takes regularly to help his milkshake go through.  The Nurse is giving Rory Pamol for pain relief, sometimes it stays down and sometimes it doesn't.  Rory is taking two types of antibiotics, the broad spectrum one, and Cotrimoxazole to protect his lungs.  This is taken two days per week for the next five months.  Rory vomited up all his milkshake, and some of his medication, after lunch but now feels a bit better.  He has been enjoying a massage and some stories about the Pungapeople.  Sam has been a great helper with Rory during the last few days, and has also been great company for Sean and I during our nights off the ward.  Sam is passing the time by plowing his way through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, playing board games, riding around the Domain on his bike, playing the Playstation (Ratchet and Clank is one of the boys favourites), and building with the lego.