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07, Oct, 2009

Wednesday 7th October 2009


Rory coughed on and off all night.  I don't think any of us got much sleep.  When we weren't getting up to Rory I think Sean and I were lying in bed worrying and listening, waiting to get up to him.  I got into bed with Rory at 5am to comfort him.  A few minutes later he started coughing and said he didn't feel well.  I was quick enough with the bucket but not quick enough to hold the end of the ng tube and he vomited the majority of it up out of his nose.  When he finished vomiting it didn't take much to pull the rest of it out completely.  This meant a trip back to Starship this morning to get a replacement.  Before the Nurse could replace it Rory had to have a finger prick blood test to check his platelets.  If they are too low he has to have a transfusion prior to reinsertion of the ng tube.  The platelets were border line at 28 but as he hasn't had any bleeding noses or bruising the Doctor said to go ahead.  Rory was very brave when Nurse Nikki put it down, sucking his iceblock and swallowing as much as he was able.  He also got the plugs on the end of his Hickman line, and the polyskin dressing changed. 

This afternoon we went for a drive out to Muriwai beach.  On the way we explained to the boys what a 'westie' was, and I'm proud to say I am one.  The original houses at Muriwai are almost growing in the spaces between mature trees (Puriri, Pohutukawa, Nikau).  The large modern eyesores which are replacing them stand alone on the landscape.  We walked down to the Gannet (Takapu) colony.  The birds are nesting on two precarious cliff ledges, and on top of a small rock stack.  They are currently sitting on eggs, and were flying in effortlessly on the strong wind to change over incubation.  A few cold showers passed over so we had to take shelter in the flax bushes.  Sam and I walked around the headland and down to Fishermans Rock before returning to the main beach at Muriwai.  Sean and Rory had to head back to the car and drive down as there were too many steps for the buggy.  The sea was relatively calm but neither Sam or I fancied falling off Fishermans Rock into the crashing tide.  We both watched the sea shoot up and out of a large blow hole in the rock platform. 

When I snuggled Rory into bed tonight I was comparing him to Ben 10, as both boys have green and gold eyes.  Rory piped up and said "Kody has too".  It reminded me just how much Rory cared about Kody, and how hard it has been for him being separated from his best mate this year, plus his other friends and peers.  He has very much been walking in an adults world, and for a child to have to do this is very sad.