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09, Oct, 2009

Friday 9th October 2009


Sean and I continue to get up in the night to Rory, but thankfully last night he didn't vomit.  We managed to get 738mls of milkshake into him (at 50mls/hr), and he managed to keep it down.  I think we were all anxious and on edge about whether he would.  Rory had his daily GCSF injection after breakfast.  We drove across the harbour bridge to visit my school friend Cindy Rimmington, and her daughter Havana (10 weeks).  Havana has grown a lot since we last saw her and was looking at our faces, listening and blowing bubbles.  The boys were quite fasinated, they aren't used to having a little girl in their space.  Cindy is the last (almost .... Mands) of the 'girls' to have children and its neat to seeing her enjoying being a mum.  It was great to catch up with Cindy, and I admired the many ornaments (dust collectors according to Neville) which she has around her house.  Cindy was the greatest traveller of the 'girls', and I remember not too long ago getting emails from wild and exotic far off places. 

After seeing Cindy we drove east to explore Devonport.  We have had to tone down our exploring as Rory tires easily.  The majority of the time he rides in the BIG buggy which is hard to manovuer in tight spaces, and a nightmare on steps.  Rory is very sensitive to the wind and the cold even though I wrap him up so he is warm and dry.  We had lunch in the ferry terminal and watched the ferries arrive and depart to Auckland and Waiheke Island, checked out the great NZ art in the galleries, tasted the handmade chocolates in the Chocolate shop, drove up Mt Victoria for a fantastic 360 degree view over the Auckland Region, climbed down into Fort Victoria to see the Disappearing gun, and paid our respects at Erua Patuone's grave.  He is one of Sean (and the boys) ancestors, and was an important and respected Nga Puhi chief.  The inscription on his grave reads: 

Sacred to the memory of Eru Patuone ...  elder brother of Tamati Waka Nene, sons of Tapua,

a noted chieftan of the Nga Puhi tribe, warm friend of Europeans, supporter of the Queens laws,

and peacemaker with his own countrymen.  Died at Auckland 19th September 1972. 

This stone is erected by the Government of New Zealand.