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12, Apr, 2009

12th April 2009

The Easter bunny found his way to us at Starship, and to Sean and Sam at Ronald McDonald House.  Rory again had an unsettled night.  His temperature is still spiking around 39 degrees twice a day, just before lunch and around 9.30pm.  The high temp lasts 1-2 hours.  The doctors still don't know what is causing it.  They gave him another CT scan this afternoon, and put a new IV in his right hand to draw more blood samples (and give him dye for the scan).  They will not release him from Starship until they have ruled out all possible nasties i.e. infection.  If none is discovered it is likely the temperature swings are due to disturbance to his hypothalamus during surgery, which we are assured does settle down with time. 

Tonite Sean is on sentry duty.  I'm glad of a proper bed and a night of undisturbed sleep after two nights on the stretcher, plus I have caught a cold.  Rory also has the sniffles so this could be contributing to his swinging temperature.  I watch him put up with manipulation, pain and disappointment every day and I wonder how much I can take as I help him fight this.  He is my inspiration.  I know he is bearing the worst of it, not by choice, and if he can do it at 7 I can be as strong as it takes for as long as it takes. 

We had a visit from Cindy this afternoon.  She has helped us purchase a laptop so we can try and keep our lives on the road (thanks heaps).  We would like to thank her parents, Kevin and Irene Rimmington, who have shouted us a family outing when we break free!

Thanks for all your continued wonderful messages.  I pass them on to Rory every day.  We have put the poster Rory's class created on the wall, and lots of people have commented on it.