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11, Oct, 2009

Sunday 11th October 2009


We have been making the most of our time in Auckland, getting out and about discovering what the region has to offer.  Although none of us like the city, or would want to live there, Auckland has many special secret places.  It takes the three of us to keep Rory going.  He has no energy, and is tired all the time.  He nods off in the buggy after lunch every day for about an hour.  It is a battle to get him to eat.  He grizzles a lot, and even the littlest things distress him and cause him to fall to pieces.  He needs constant care, comfort and attention.  It is 24/7 as we are still getting up to him 3-4 times per night. 

We are giving Rory maxilon three times a day to try and combat the vomiting.  It seems to be working as Rory has only vomited once since Thursday, this morning on the way to the Waitakere Ranges.  He has a daily GCSF injection to boost his stem cells, and an antibiotic to protect his lungs twice a day in the weekends.  We are giving him pamol for pain relief and discomfort when he needs it.  His milkshake is now at 65mls/hr.  We are creeping up the volume per hour every night to try and get to his target rate of 85mls/hr to ensure his weight is in balance.

Yesterday (Saturday) we didn't go far.  We walked down to Newmarket to pick up some supplies, and for lunch.  On our way home we had a quick nosy through the indigenous peoples section of Auckland Museum, and fed the ducklings and pigeons in the Domain.  We popped in to the winter gardens (indoor) but didn't stay long as the boys response was "poo flowers". 

Today we were away early to visit ride a tramline in the Waitakere ranges.  The tram is run by volunteers and runs 2.5kms through bush.  There are two tunnels and five bridges.  You alight at the end and climb 78 steps to the Waitakere dam.  The highlights were; a 700m underground tunnel with glow worms on the roof, rewarewa in flower, kowhai full of fat kukupa, the waterfall from the Waitakere dam, and a runoff sluice (which we went under), a view of the bush clad valley, and walking across (and under) the Waitakere dam where we heard fernbird.  We had a picnic lunch at the carpark and heard a kaka.  We headed back to town along Scenic Drive through the Waitakere Ranges, and made a detour out to Te Henga Bethells beach as it was warm and sunny.  We all enjoyed this wild place with its warm black sand, and bush clad cliffs and islands.  We crossed a creek and got wet legs and pants, then spent time beach combing, exploring the dunes, and snoozing in the sun.  To finish the day we stopped at ARCs Arataki Visitor Centre.