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12, Oct, 2009

Monday 12th October 2009


Happy Birthday Zack (Wily) for yesterday.  We hope you had a fantastic day.  I forgot to include our best wishes in the blog last night. 

Rory is back in Starship.  I was beginning to think he was going to make it through a cycle of chemo without having to be re-admitted onto the ward, but I was wrong.  He was up at 5am this morning for the toilet, and half an hour later he vomited.  Thankfully the ng tube remained in place.  We all headed over to Starship after he had his daily GCSF injection.  Rory had a finger prick blood test, and then a clinic appointment with Dr Stephen at 9.15am.  Rory is very neutropenic (white blood count 0.15), his platelets have dropped to 25, and his haemoglobin has dropped to 78.  When your haemoglobin falls below 80 a blood transfusion is needed, so we made arrangements for Rory to have a blood transfusion tomorrow morning.  It was too busy in the clinic for a transfusion to occur today.  Nurse Beth took a blood sample from Rory for a type and cross match for the transfusion, gave him a push of Vincristine (one of his chemo drugs), changed the dressing and plugs on his Hickman line, and took out the old Insuflon in his thigh and put a new one in for the gcsf.  At 10.30am when we were about to leave Rory felt a bit warm so I took his temperature.  It was 37.8 degrees.  When I told the Nurse she said he couldn't leave.  Dr Stephen wanted Rory to wait for an hour to see if the temperature would declare itself.  Sean and Sam took off and Rory and I waited.  An hour later his temperature was 38.2 degrees so Rory needed to be admitted for iv antibiotics as a precaution against infection.  Rory and I waited in a chair in the day stay area for a further three hours before he received his first dose of antibiotics (Ceftazadine).  He was finally admitted just before 3pm.  It was very busy in the Oncology clinic today.  People often ask us whether we are putting Rory at risk taking him out and about when he has no immune system.  I am reluctant to completely cage him when he is free of the hospital.  We avoid crowds and close enclosed spaces.  We wash and steri-gel our hands often.  Rory could easily catch something walking through Starship, riding in the lift, or sitting with other families as we wait to see the medical staff.  Today was a case in point.  Rory received pamol at 4.15pm, and a couple of hours later his temperature had come down.  He is on iv fluids.  Sean is staying the night with Rory on the ward.  Sam and I are back at the apartment.

When Sam and I ducked out to the apartment late this afternoon to pick up some gear there were three parcels waiting for us.  Two for Rory, and one for Sean and I.  These were from our good friends the Millers (Andrew, Denise, Brad, Lewis and Cole), and the Cunninghams (Simon, Jane, Isla and Willow).  The Wolverine Hero Head, lego and Scooby Do comic were a hit with the boys.  Sean and I really appreciated the generous and considerate present the Millers had sent for us.  Thank you everyone for providing the highlight in a not very pleasant day.  It was a tough day for Sam as with all the procedures and uncertainty he didn't make it to school at RM House.  Hopefully all is on track for him to attend tomorrow.