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13, Oct, 2009

Tuesday 13th October 2009


Rory had a rough night, and Sean looked worse for wear as well this morning.  Around 8.30pm Rory vomited, and was on the toilet half an hour later.  His urine was very concentrated and he was complaining of a sore stomach and back.  At 10pm his blood pressure plummeted to 69/37 and the Nurse started a saline bolus (rapid intravenous hydration) to try and raise his blood pressure.  The on duty Doctor arrived and examined Rory to try and determine what was wrong.  Rory was given pamol, continuous iv fluids, and monitored closely all night.  A second saline bolus was given this morning.  A sample of urine and poo have been taken, in addition to the blood culture and nasal sample yesterday.  Rory's temperature continues to vary, from cool to a low grade temperature around 38 degrees.  We still don't know what is causing the problems, although the Doctor said he was dehydrated yesterday.  The results of all the samples should be through tomorrow afternoon.  Rory is still on the iv antibiotic as a precaution. 

Rory had stabilised by the time Sam and I arrived this morning.  I was shocked at the events of the night, and angry at Sean for not calling me.  He said I was over at the apartment with Sam to look after, and he managed.  Rory is colourless, apart from dark circles around his eyes.  His blood test results this morning were shocking.  Everything had plummeted overnight, his haemoglobin to 54, and his platelets to less than 10.  He received a platelet and a blood transfusion this morning.  His colour has returned a little.  Amy the Dietician came in to see us.  When Rory is discharged from Starship we are going to have to give him 60ml of water down his ng tube very hour during the day to keep him hydrated as he is not drinking sufficient on his own.

Rory has had a quiet day.  This morning he did some drawing, and sewed a felt owl key ring for Sean's birthday.  After lunch we have played some games, and started a story by David Almond called "The Savage".  It is a chapter book with fantastic illustrations, and is a real boys story  "There was a wild kid living in Burgess Woods.  He had no famly and he had no pals and he didn't know where he come from and he culdn't talk.  His wepons were old kitchen nives and forks and an ax.  He was savage.  He was truely wild". 

Sam went to RM House school for the first time today.  There were three other boys in the classroom aged 9-11.  This morning they learnt about civil defence emergencies, and had a session of yoga.  After lunch they did some art, painting takahe for a competition being run by Mitre 10. 

We all enjoyed receiving a letter from Mrs Wily and Sparky (our cat) today.  It sounds as though Sparky is enjoying his holiday at Bayley's Beach, and will be better behaved when he returns to us!