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15, Oct, 2009

Thursday 15th October 2009


Nana Honnor has been on duty with me on the ward today.  We have kept Rory busy.  I read some of the new Geronimo Stilton book Nana and Poppa bought, we have played numerous board games, Rory played Madagascar 2 on the Playstation, and he spent ages engrossed in opening the small parcels Nana and Poppa had bought him on their recent holiday.  Nana also brought north a beautiful quilt for Rory's bed which was made by hand by one of our family friends, Sue Goodey.  The quilt contains many bright individual panels of kiwiana and children's prints.  Sue must have spent many hours making it and we were blown away bythe gift.  Enclosed with the quilt were Star Wars watches for the boys.  Thank you very much Sue we will treasure it.  Poppa, Sean and Sam have been towning around today.  They spent the morning at Motat (thank you to Donna/Jo from the Child Cancer Foundation for organising the tickets), and did our grocery shopping after lunch.  It's difficult to picture the three blokes in the supermarket.  It must have been an entertaining sight!

Rory slept better last night, and was happier when he woke this morning.  He even drank a small milo at breakfast.  The ward was a hive of activity from very early on as some important visitors from America were expected.  The bone marrow transplant unit at Starship has applied for an international accreditation for its facilities, and the quality of its care.  The analysts/inspectors were here this morning for the site visit.  All of the staff were keen to showcase Starship. 

It was pouring with rain this morning so Sam and I decided to pass on a run.  Instead we headed out the door for a walk down Queen Street as it is largely sheltered.  We left the apartment at 7.15am and walked along K-Road, down Queen Street to the waterfront and back up again.  Sam conned me into a strawberry sprinkle donut for a snack! We managed to stay largely dry although we had wet shoes and socks.  We met Nana and Poppa at Daffodil House at 8.45am.  They arrived mid-afternoon yesterday and are staying across the road from the Domain.  Sam had breakfast with Nana and Poppa while went over to the ward.  I just missed the Doctors on rounds.  Rory's temperature appears to be stabilising, and his samples remain clear.  His white blood count is finally moving in the right direction, today it was 0.4.  He is still receiving daily GCSF injections, and an antibiotic. 

Rory's ng -tube hasn't been functioning properly over the past couple of days.  This afternoon Nurse Sophie tried everything she could think of to make it flow easily and smoothly but nothing worked, so Rory had to have it taken out and a new ng tube put it.  It isn't a very pleasant experience and I feel so mean every time we have to do it to him.  It has only been a week since the last one was put in.  Hopefully he will get a better run out of the new one.