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18, Oct, 2009

Sunday 18th October 2009


It seems there is no pleasing some people!  We have been itching to get Rory out of Starship but this afternoon when the Doctor said he could go to the RM apartment my first reaction was disbelief, then anxiety at him being on the 'outside', away from the safe sheltered environment of the hospital.  We finally saw the Doctor on rounds at 3pm and she was happy for Rory to be discharged, provided he remain on iv antibiotics.  He has switched to one given once per day, rather than 8 hourly.  He received a dose before we left, and will get one in the morning. 

I was on duty last night, and it was a dreadful night.  Rory couldn't sleep.  He moved around and made unhappy sounds until 1am, so I gave him a dose of pamol.  I didn't give it to him before bed as I'm trying to cut down on the number of doses he is having.  Rory woke three times after this, and was up at 6am.  I often wonder on nights like this whether it would be easier to sit up and watch tv all night, dozing, to awaken when Rory needs me.  Trying to sleep for real seems too much like torture. 

Rory's white blood count had increased to 0.71 today, and he finally has some neutrophils (0.17) although far off what he needs to be (neutrophils 2.0) to stop the GCSF, and start the next round of chemo which is scheduled for Wednesday the 28th of October.  His haemoglobin level had fallen to 0.71 so he received a blood transfusion this morning, which takes around three hours.  The insuflon in Rory's leg was removed, and a new one inserted into his other leg for the GCSF injections.  Nurse Norima changed the plugs on the end of his Hickman line, and his polyskin dressing. 

It was a quiet day, more of the same activities to fill in the time.  I picked up a couple of new games yesterday, Cranium Cadoo and Yahtzee.  Rory and I spent two hours playing Cadoo this morning.  It was heaps of fun.  I have discovered I can mime well, and my sculpting is passable, but I can't draw to save myself.  I blame overexposure to colouring books as a child, but at least it made the boys laugh.  Sam and I played Yahtzee after lunch.  He had never played before but still managed to beat me.  It seemed to take me longer to absorb the instructions and score my throws.  The boys watched Star Wars the Clone Wars on DVD, while Sean and I read the Sunday papers.  A hiccup in our weekend was the malfunction of the washing machine/dryer in the RM apartment, so we had to haul our washing across the Grafton Bridge to RM House, 10 minutes away, to get it washed and dried.  Unfortunately half of it was already wet!