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19, Oct, 2009

Monday 19th October 2009


I read an article in a magazine recently about a woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The angle of the article was to provide insight into the sphere of a cancer fighter.  The woman said doing something was the most valuable thing people could do to help.  She was right.  We have been lucky over the last seven months to have family, friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers do thoughtful, caring, selfless, and generous things for Rory, and our family.  Every act makes a huge difference in our lives.  When people reach out we don't feel so isolated and alone, it lifts some of the burden from our shoulders, it makes us laugh, and allows us to focus on what is important, supporting Rory in his fight.  Dr Stephen, Rory's Oncologist, said "you get one decent crack at it", and we are doing everything we can to make sure nothing has been left out.  A complete stranger, a movie usher named Joyce, gave Rory four large movie posters (Transformers, G-Force, Where the Wild things are), some movie badges, and four tickets to the upcoming Michael Jackson movie as we left the cinema today.  We were touched.  Some people seem to know instinctively he is fighting for his life, and reach out to help.  It is humbling. 

Unbelievably Rory vomited at 5.40am this morning, quarter of an hour after he woke up.  He hasn't vomited for almost a week, yet the first morning we get out it happens.  He was on the loo ten minute later.  He only vomits around 100ml.  I think it is the milkshake sitting in his stomach when he wakes.  His body seems to rebel against it.  All we can do is give him the maxilon regularly to help move the milkshake through his stomach.  He received his GCSF injection this morning, and we headed over to Starship where he got a finger prick blood test.  Rory had a clinic appointment with Dr Stephen at 9am.  His white blood count has risen to 2.64 so he is no longer neutropenic, and his neutrophils had climbed to 0.84.  We made a plan with Dr Stephen for the next nine days so Rory can return for his fourth and final chemo cycle next Wednesday.  The kidney (GFR), hearing and heart function tests were booked for the next two days.  We walked Sam to RM House school, and then popped in at the Child Cancer Foundation.  Rory had his heart function test (cardiac echo) at 11am.  The technician detected something unusual with his heart on the screen.  It may be damage as a result of the chemo, but she wouldn't elaborate.  A cardiologist needs to look at the imaging and prepare a report.  We are trying not to panic, and will hopefully get the report tomorrow. 

We picked up Sam and had lunch at the apartment.  Rory had sore legs so received a dose of pamol and a massage before we went out.  We walked down Queen Street after lunch to go to Sky City cinema to see the movie 'Up' in 3D.  We all enjoyed it.  The Sky City cinema is a large complex full of neon lights, aerial bridges, entertainment outlets, and a glass lift in the shape of a rocket.  It took a fair amount of navigating to find our way around the building.  Typical country bumpkins!