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13, Apr, 2009

13th April 2009

The source of Rory's spiking temperatures was finally found this afternoon.  Two types of bacteria have been identified in his blood stream (in the fourth test!).  The doctors have changed the antibiotic he has been receiving and increased the dose to six hourly through the iv.  Does anyone want to volunteer for the 1am shift!!  They expect his temperature spikes to stop within 1-2 days.  He will remain on iv antibiotics for the rest of the week, which means we will not be going home tomorrow.  We are all disappointed.  It has been a long and trying weekend.  But at least we now have the cause and a plan. Rory was discharged to  Ronald McDonald House this afternoon (I still can't believe we managed to swing it).  Sean and Sam will return home tomorrow.  Rory and I will wait the week out at the House, attending appointments for medication, completion of the mask for radio therapy, and the physio at Starship.  Hopefully we will both also get some fresh air and rest, cause I am feeling lousy too!