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22, Oct, 2009

Thursday 22nd October 2009


It is quiet inside the house at Whakapara.  Grandad, Grannie and Sean have gone to work, and the boys are outside under Grannie's lemon tree with Zsa Zsa the dog making lemon juice.  It is a warm and sunny day outside.  I am unpacking, and repacking, if only I had $1 for each time I have done it this year. 

We are calmy waiting for the results of Rory's kidney and heart function tests.  I spoke to Nurse Amanda yesterday and they hadn't come through.  Dr Stephen is going to give us a call when he receives them, and talk us through what has been detected.  I try and put it out of my mind.  There is no point worrying.  It will not change the results, and we will have to face what has been found. 

Rory had a great sleep the first night home (Tuesday) but a terrible one last night (Wednesday).  No matter how many times it happens I can't get used to unbroken sleep.  Sean is often grumpy when he has to get up.  I am occasionally, but mostly calm.  Rory often needs to be comforted to get back to sleep quickly.  When he is distressed he takes a long time to settle.

Rory and I had a day in town in Whangarei yesterday, putting our affairs in order after three weeks absence.  There has a bit left over folloing the sale of the house.  It was lovely to call in to Whangarei District Council for morning tea with the Futures team, boss Kerry aka Dr Love, Dianne, Anne-jo and David.  I miss working with them.  It was neat to catch up on their news, and be part of their inner circle.  Whangarei District Council has been an incredibly supportive employer since Rory was diagnosed.  I am well aware there is work to be done, which isn't being done, in my absence.  I talked to Kerry about what is one the horizon for me yesterday.  Once treatment is complete, and the boys and I have had a chance to regroup, Sean and I will have to make plans about the future, likely in mid-January 2010.  We will not be able to put off decisions on; where to live, employment for each of us, the boys education, and how to manage financially.  Rory and I called in to see Grannie Gardiner at DoC to drop off a piece of cheesecake for afternoon tea.  It made me smile when I saw all the photos of the boys pinned to the wall inside her cubicle.  Sean and Sam spent the day at Whakapara playing sports, and sorting Sean's gear for work.  He went goat hunting this morning. 

Rory continues to have a runny nose, and a cough, which is worse at night.  The cough is moister than it was although his chest sounds clear.  His blood test yesterday morning showed his white blood count had risen to 20, and his neutrophils to 15 (as a result of Mondays and yesterdays GCSF injections).  The GCSF was not given today, and the insuflon has been removed.  Rory's haemoglobin is high enough at 114, as are his platelets at 77.  He continues to receive his milkshake over night, and the maxilon three times per day.  It is good to seem him up and walking around the house and section at Whakapara, although he is unsteady on his feet, and his hands shake often when he is holding objects.