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26, Oct, 2009

Monday 26th October 2009


The boys were lights out tonight, and are now sound asleep after a day (two for Sam) in the Kaipara.  It was strange going back.  It felt like we had never left, but also like we had been gone for years.  It has been exactly a month.  In so little time much has changed for us, yet little has changed for those who remain.  We miss them, and being a part of their lives. 

The big tour started off at the Johnstons in Dargaville.  Kody, Ben and Stella have colds so we spoke to everyone up on the deck while we were in the front yard.  Rory had a couple of treats for Kody, and Trudi had sourced two laser guns for the boys and a set of green measuring cups for our number one chef Rory (thanks Trudi).  She also sent us away with some homemade kiwi shortbread which didn't survive long in the car.  It was a bummer we couldn't stop for a while, I know how much Rory misses being in Kody's company, and having his best mate in his personal space. 

Our next stop was the Newman-Hornes.  We caught up on their holiday adventures, and Sean took advantage of Tracey's wonderful pantry to enjoy a cup of Monk tea with pear and bergamot.  Nikau was trialling a glider he had made for a school project and Sean and Greg were giving him pointers. 

We drove slowly past our house at Waihue, keen to see what changes the new family had made.  We stopped to have lunch with our old neighbours Clive and Iris Fremlin.  It was lovely to see them, and catch up on the local news.  Sean came away with a bag of Iris's delicious muffins. 

We drove up to Kai Iwi lakes, parked at Pine beach, and went for a walk until we came to one of the sheltered bays.  Sean decided to go skinny dipping.  When it was time to leave two boat loads of people had stopped just off the bay.  Sean had to streak out of the water to reach his towel.  He gave the visitors quite a view. 

We drove south to Bayly's Beach to pick up Sam from the Wily's.  Sam has had a fantastic time with Conor over the past couple of days, and was thrilled to be able to catch up with friends Viv, Dylan, Hoani, Matai and Nathan at Conor's 10th birthday today.  Sam's favourite activity over the weekend was building a series of dams in a creek which runs down Bayly's gorge on the beach.  Kay said the boys spent hours working on it.  We couldn't leave Bayly's beach without seeing Sparky and Mrs Wily (Madeline, Conor's grandmother) who is currently surrogate mother to our cat.  Sparky has grown and gained weight .  He looked completely at home, spoilt rotten, with the attitude of a typical teenager.  He is lucky to be so well cared for. 

Our final stop was at the Morrison's to have a cup of tea with Gordon, Katherine and Korie.  Rory gave Korie the treasures he had collected on Mimiwhangata beach.  They were for Korie's science table.  Korie has the most fantastic science table in his room which contains all the treasures he has collected in the outdoors, shells, seeds, bugs, rocks, nests, feathers.  Everytime I see it I vow to start one for the boys.  Korie impressed Sam and Rory by starting a fire with the flint Poppa Morrison had bought him in Australia. 

We finally arrived in the door at Whakapara at 6.30pm worn out.  Grannie had made a tasty shepherds pie for tea which really hit the spot.