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29, Oct, 2009

Thursday 29th October 2009


We are back into the routine of biding our time on the ward while Rory receives chemotherapy.  It was a typical hospital night, broken by the frequent need to pee, disturbance by the nurse, and restlessness due to discomfort.  There just isn't any way to pass the nights easily.  It was a bit of a bumpy start to the morning, Rory vomited, then rushed to the loo twice.  There was some blood and the Doctor said if we see any further bleeding they will give him a platelet transfusion.  Rory now has an anti-nausea patch on his neck.  It is covered with a clear film to stop him touching it and then rubbing his eyes (which enlarges the pupil).  Chemo started at 11.30am this morning.  He has had a push of Vincristine, and the Cisplatin is being infused over six hours.  Rory has been fine today, although a little tired.  It is now 5.30pm and he hasn't vomited.  When Nurse Nicola popped in she said maybe it is lucky last, although Sean and I don't believe it and are taking guesses on when the first chemo vomit will occur.  Sean is on duty tonight and is not looking forward to it.  We have had several visitors today, Dietician Amy, Physio Rachel (who is organising an exercise plan for Rory's release, liaising with the appropriate hospital), and Barbara one of the teachers from Starship who checked on Rory's school work (I felt like a naughty school girl in front of the Principal for placing less emphasis on his education over the past three months).  Nicola spoke to us today about a boy from Rotorua who has recently been diagnosed with the same brain tumour as Rory, and who will be following the same chemo protocol.  She asked if we would be willing to speak to his family some time in the next few days.  I said this would be fine.  The boy is a similar age to Rory. 

Sam went to school at RM House today.  He is currently learning about dinosaurs.  He wrote an article about someone who discovered a dinosaur, and drew a dinosaur from New Zealand.  He dyed the picture this afternoon.  Rory has managed some school work today; reading, maths, and spelling.  He enjoyed Geronimo Stilton, and some animal stories.  We have played Trump Cards (Star Wars I-III), Guess Who (Star Wars of course), and Blokus.  He watched a little Garfield on TV, and played Madagascar on the Playstation.  He and Sam made a couple of cardboard dinosaurs which are on the wall.