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31, Oct, 2009

Saturday 31st October 2009


Rory received his final dose of chemotherapy drugs (Cyclophosphamide) this morning, but there has been little opportunity for celebration as he has been suffering all day.  The vomiting continues, and the diahorea started last night.  He is also running a low grade temperature (37.8 degrees).  Rory has had stomach and leg cramps, and the pain relief has escalated as we have tried to make him comfortable (pamol to tramadol to morphine by 3pm this afternoon).  He has been miserable, restless and uncommunicative all day, apart from intermittent moaning and crying.  I have tried massage and the hot water bottle to alleviate the pain and relax him but has helped only temporarily.  All my attempts at distraction and entertainment have failed.  Usually I can get Rory engaged in an activity to pass the time, and take his mind off how he feels, but he has done nothing but lay on his bed in a heap.  Fortunately he has settled since receiving the morphine, and is now watching a Star Wars DVD (Return of the Jedi).  We have read a new Roald Dahl story 'The Giraffe The Pelly and Me'.  I was on duty last night and Rory was up every hour for a pee as he is still on hyper hydration to flush the chemo drugs out of his system.  Sean and Sam spent the night at the RM apartment, had a run this morning, and have been out all afternoon picking up supplies.