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01, Nov, 2009

Sunday 1st November 2009


Rory is exhausted, and I'm not surprised.  The (cumulative) impact of the chemotherapy, the vomiting and diahorea, and the lack of sleep have drained him.  He has slept almost all day.  Sean, Sam and I have quietly hovered around him, reading the newspaper, playing the Nintendo's, talking, watching tv, and grazing on food as we pass the time.  Rory has rallied a couple of times for some awake-time.  It was during one of them the undisputed highlight of his day occurred, a visit from Money Penny aka Lyn.  She called in this afternoon to see how he was doing, and came bearing gifts for the boys.  They were ecstatic to see she had picked some of their 'desired' things.  It was lovely to have an 'outside' visitor.  It has been only the four of us since Wednesday.  It was also neat getting to know Lyn a little better, we were bummed out when she left. 

Rory continued vomiting until 6.30pm last night, eventually vomiting up his ng tube.  This was replaced, and his milkshake downgraded to a more basic feed, and drip fed at only 20mls/hr.  He has continued to receive pamol and tramadol for the pain, his lung antibiotic (as it is the weekend), and iv fluids. 

Sam attended the Halloween celebration on the ward last night, wearing the mask he had made at art class, and the black cape Rory had sewed and decorated (with a bomb spider).  Hell's Pizza provided the pizzas, a colouring in competition, activity books, and pumpkins for the children to make into jack o lanterns.  Sam's pumpkin is sitting on a shelf in Rory's ward room wearing an eye patch.

It was another restless night for Sean and Rory due to the hyper-hydration, thankfully he vomited only once this morning.  Rory's blood pressure dropped during the night so a doctor was called.  His haemoglobin was very low (75) so he has received a blood transfusion today.