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02, Nov, 2009

Monday 2nd November 2009


Today Rory received the last of his stem cells which were harvested in April.  The stem cell infusion lasted around 10 minutes, and made Rory feel awful and vomit.  It also depresses his heart rate and elevates his blood pressure so the nurses monitor him closely.  Unfortunately the vomiting hasn't stopped.  Rory was sick last night, during the night, and at lunch time today.  His vomit during the night was streaked with blood.  His platelets are falling (currently 26) so he will receive a platelet transfusion tomorrow before he is discharged to RM House.  We are closely monitoring his diahorea in the hope it is declining.  Rory has received a real cocktail of drugs today, zofran and maxilon to try and stop the vomiting, phenergren to prevent an allergic reaction to the preservative in the stem cells, pamol and tramadol for pain relief, plus the iv fluids.  We are persevering with his ng milkshake at 50mls/hr, and it runs all night and most of the day.  Rory got an hour off his lines this afternoon so was able to venture out of the room into the ward.  He is unsteady on his feet and a short walk tires him. 

It has been another quiet day.  Rory has built with the lego, read The Twits (Roald Dahl), watched some tv, played his Nintendo, and during his hour off this afternoon went into the play room and made a chef's hat for Melbourne Cup Day on the ward tomorrow with Sean.  I am going as a bee.  Sam declined to make a hat so rode the playroom scooter around the ward instead.  He has been to school at RM House today.  This morning he did maths exercises, and this afternoon he did art - Dinosaur Dino-rama - making dinosaur habitats out of shoe boxes, clay and paint.  He had his daily burn around the Domain with Sean this morning.