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05, Nov, 2009

Thursday 5th November 2009


During the tough times I am reminded of how many fabulous people we have in our corner.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the many selfless, caring, unique, and valuable things you have done for us.  Every little bit makes a huge difference.  It reminds me of the tiny By-the-wind sailor jellyfish we used to see on the tide line along Ripiro Beach (Northland's west kauri coast).  By-the-wind sailors are tiny blue jellyfish with a delicate perfectly formed upright sail.  You wonder how they manage to survive at sea.  Their secret is they travel the worlds oceans in huge flotillas, benefitting from each other.  Individuals within a flotilla can have either of two types of sail which are mirror images of each other, thus the flotilla is able to be pushed in opposite directions by the wind.  Much like us.

Rory is making it through each day but we see less of his smile.  I think he has endured all he is capable of enduring.  He is weak and tired, his body no longer does what he asks it to, and emotionally he is fragile, easily upset and distressed.  He has gone back to not eating or drinking.  It is a battle to get even water down his ng tube.  More than once I have been grateful for the ng tube.  I don't know how we would have managed to get him sufficient nutrition without it. 

Rory slept fairly well last night, waking only for the loo.  He had a GCSF injection this morning.  RM House arranged a visit to Kelly Tarlton's for us this morning.  It was a wet day so it was good timing.  Unfortunately there were a couple of classrooms visiting so we had to steer clear of the 'masses' of children.  The highlights of today's visit to Kelly Tarlton's were seeing; the gentoo penguins incubating eggs in their pebble nests, the model megalodon shark head, the huge stingrays, and masses of fish and sharks swimming over us in the underwater tunnel.  We also managed to get up close to a big yellow moray eel and a juvenile turtle.  We had lunch at the famous fish and chip shop in Mission Bay, eating beside the beach.  We were back at the apartment early this afternoon so the boys watched some of a Tintin dvd and played some board games.