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08, Nov, 2009

Sunday 8th November 2009


Rory's temperature continued to niggle last night.  When he went to bed it was still 37.8 degrees.  I kept sneaking into his room to take his temperature every few.  By 8.15pm he had reached 38 degrees and I was fairly wound up.  Sean rang ward 27b and we headed over with Rory in the buggy.  He took the last available room on the ward, number 10.  The Nurse took a blood culture and started Rory on iv fluids.  I put him to bed and set about organising the gear and room.  Sean and Sam headed back to RM apartment.  Rory had a large vomit at 9.30pm so I slowed his milkshake to 50 ml/hr.  The Doctor arrived at 11.15pm.  Rory's haemoglobin had taken a tumble to 84 in less than two days, and his blood pressure was low.  The Doctor started him on a broad spectrum iv antibiotic as a precaution against infection, and said he would likely need a blood transfusion. 

Rory didn't sleep well, he was restless, needing to pee and the nurse was in and out.  His temperature was still 37.9 degrees this morning.  We had decided not to give him any pamol to see if his temperature would increase, but it hadn't.  He was very unhappy and uncomfortable so we gave him a dose this morning.  He has had the regular cotrimoxazole (lung antibiotic), GCSF, and maxilon.  The Doctor came and assessed him around 11am.  The plan is to continue with the iv antibiotic and see whether anything grows from the culture.  Rory had a blood transfusion this afternoon.  His temperature also climbed to 38.3 degrees.  It has been a bitser day for us all.  We are in a TINY ward room, half the side of the bone marrow transplant rooms, so we are all on top of each other!  We are all irritable as we are worried.  Plus someone stole the Playstation which often acts as a useful distraction and time filler, so the room is a little quieter.