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09, Nov, 2009

Monday 9th November 2009


The doctors have found the reason Rory has been so miserable and under the weather.  His blood culture has come back positive for a staph infection, likely in his Hickman line.  The news is a double edged sword.  While it is good to find a cause, it also means remaining on the ward for at least another week as the new iv antibiotic introduced today (Vancomyacin) will need to be given for 7-10 days.  It is administered 3 or 4 times per day. 

Sean did the night shift on the ward last night, and it wasn't an easy one.  Rory had a large vomit around 9.30pm and vomited up his ng tube.  A new one was put in just before 10pm.  Rory was very brave.  He and Sean had made the nurse laugh earlier in the night by playing a star wars board game using pineapple lumps as markers.  Rory was his usual restless self and Sean looked a bit worse for wear when Sam and I arrived after our run around the Domain this morning (or more appropriately crawl). 

It has been a day of lovely surprises.  A letter arrived from Mrs Wily and Sparky our cat at Baylys Beach.  Sparky and I will be having words when he returns to us as last week he caught his first bird, and I will not be tolerating that.  We had a visit from Money Penny (Lyn).  She generously donated a playsation for the ward to replace the one which was stolen (Thank you Lyn from all the cancer kids).  We enjoyed hearing about her 'baby', a spoilt Burmese cat.  Rory proudly showed her his beads of courage.  Donna from the Child Cancer Foundation called in and dropped off some vouchers to help us out, and a magazine for Rory (Thanks Donna).  After school Sean's sister, Auntie Teri, and her partner, Uncle Graham, called in for a visit.  It has been two years since we last saw them.  They live in Australia and are passing through NZ on their way to South America  for a two month trip.  The boys had really been looking forward to their visit, and were spoiled with some lego and board games which will help pass the time this week ((Thanks Teri, Graham, and Grannie (yes we know you slipped a couple of things in too)).  Nurse Nicola also called in to check up on Rory, she had been right on Friday about him brewing.  I received a strange phone call on Friday from Blondez hair design on Friday.  I thought I had forgotten to cancel an old appointment, but they were calling because one of their clients had offered me a hair cut and style.  I was blown away.  I can't remember the last time I had a proper haircut.  I think I still have the same haircut I did at 17, although without the perm (Thank you Brenda). 

Rory reached a milestone today.  He received the last dose of chemo drugs under his current treatment regime.  He always has a push of Vincristine one week after his main treatment.  It was given tonight.  It passed by so quickly we didn't realise until half an hour later.  I wish I could say it will be his last ever but there is no way of knowing.  All I can do is hope he remains in remission ....... for the rest of his life.