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10, Nov, 2009

Tuesday 10th November 2009


There is little dignity in bearing children.  Women are exposed, examined, and subject to all manner of medical treatment.  There are long lasting physical and mental changes.  There is also little dignity in having cancer.  What needs to be done needs to be done and there usually isn't the luxury of being able to delay, to cover up, or decline.  I wish Rory didn't have to be so exposed.  I know some days he feels like a lab rat, that his body isn't his own.  Today was one of those days.  The insuflon was removed from his left leg, and a new one was placed in his right.  The GCSF was given.  The  nurse let him choose a bead of courage for his bravery.  Rory's blood results from this morning showed his immune system remains at rock bottom, with a white blood count of 0.1.  The regular visits to the loo, and the inability of Rory's system to repair itself, has meant he has become chapped and sore.  We wipe with olive oil and gauze pads, and use a strong barrier cream.  At times we have had to administer a local anaesthetic gel.  Rory's platelets had dropped to 11, so he required a platelet transfusion today.  This occurred when two of the iv antibiotics were running so he had three iv lines infusing into his body at the same time.  This evening he watched the nurse draw blood from both his Hickman lines and inject it into two separate blood culture bottles to see if any bugs will grow.  This is to check the positive blood culture result (sometimes they can be contamination).  Rory continues to be given maxilon three times a day to move his milkshake through (which runs over 14 hours), and we are giving him pamol when he needs it to keep him comfortable. 

We are managing to pass the days, often there is more of the same.  Today Rory read Geronimo Stilton, played Cluedo with me against Sam, started building his lego powerminer craft, and worked on the Star Wars activity book.  Sam and Sean went for a ride/run this morning in the Domain.  The geese have hatched some goslings.  Sam went to school today at RM House.  This morning he did maths, and this afternoon they had a visit from a Police Officer to discuss road rules.  When I went down to RM House to collect him he was building model police cars with his new friend Noah.  Noah is 13 and from Wellington.  His brother Elijah is 6 years old and has leukaemia (relapsed).  He is also on the oncology ward.  Tonight Sean and Sam are out on the town.  Greg and Nikau Newman came to Auckland with a Dargaville Intermediate school trip.  They were going out to the stage show Oliver at the Sky City Theatre and had a couple of spare passes, so the boys were able to join them.  Rory and I are looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow.