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11, Nov, 2009

Wednesday 11th November 2009


Rory reached 700 beads of courage today.  He has five black beads (needle pokes) left to start his next string.  He has earnt roughly 100 beads per month since diagnosis (excluding the month he had 'off' between radio and chemo therapy).  Sam now has 15 sibling beads which represent qualities and actions like; protective, teacher, independent, love, kindness, courage, strength, joy, friendship and hope.  Today Sam collected a rooster, a cat, an orange, and a purple bead. 

Rory seems to have settled a bit at night, only waking around four times for a pee.  He is less unsettled by the nurses coming and going every hour managing him and his medication.  Sean and Sam enjoyed their night out at Oliver.  It was the first theatre experience for both of them, and they were taken back by its realness.  Sam particularly enjoyed catching up with old friends from Dargaville.  Thank you Nana Morrison, Greg and Nikau for your generous offer.  Sean said it was almost as entertaining making their way back to the RM apartment through the city afterwards! 

It has been a quiet day.  Rory continued to receive GCSF, and his white blood count has increased a tiny bit to 0.17.  He also continues to receive the antibiotics.  He had an hour and a half sleep in the middle of the day.  Rory has passed the day finishing his lego power miner, working on some activity books, and threading his beads.  He was thrilled to receive a visit from Miss MacLean, one of his old teachers from Dargaville Primary, and her sister.  Sam went to school at RM House and did the standard classroom work; reading, writing, maths, and art.  At lunchtime Sam and I went down to the Child Cancer Foundation Family Place where lunch was catered today for families currently in Auckland.  It was lovely to have a decent meal (with vegetables!), and meet other parents whose children have cancer.  Sam spent some time with Reagan, one of the boys from the oncology ward who has bone cancer.