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14, Nov, 2009

Saturday 14th November 2009


We hoped Rory would be discharged to the RM apartment on Friday but his white blood count was too low.  Again this morning we hoped he would be allowed out, but his white blood count had fallen.  It was 0.56 on Thursday, dropped to 0.54 on Friday, and dropped again to 0.41 today.  We know we have to be patient and wait but we are all frustrated with the confinement.  We have spent a week trapped in the small ward room.  As summer rolls towards us, and the days are brighter and warmer, it seems such a waste of life to be frozen on pause.  It is also hard to find activities to keep the boys occupied.  We have tried or done almost everything.  This means the days are often long, and we are bored and lethargic.  It is good Sam gets to go out every morning for the 8km stretch on his bike, and Sean and I get to stretch our legs on a run every second day.  Poor Rory has spent a week in bed. 

Rory continues to receive daily GCSF injections to bring his blood counts up.  He is still receiving three iv antibiotics, and regular pain relief as his bowel is still sore.  The Doctors have introduced a mild laxative so it is easier for him to go to the loo, as he is afraid it is going to hurt.  He is still passing a little blood.  Yesterday (Friday) we had a visit from Amy the Dietician.  Donna from the Child Cancer Foundation called in to see how Rory was doing.  Sam went to school at RM House and did maths and reading in the morning, and art in the afternoon.

Today was more of the same.  Rory has passed the past couple of days; watching Watership Down on DVD, completing some school work sheets, reading James and the Giant Peach, playing Cadoo, creating with playdough, playing the Playstation, and watching tv.  We had a surprise visit from Money Penny (Lyn) this afternoon, bearing a new PS2 game.  It was interesting to hear about her career path.  Our circles do not include anyone who walks in the high flying corporate world.  The projects and international travel sound exciting, definitely a different layer of life than we are used to!  Lyn showed us a photo of her lovely Burmese cat Saphie, she looks very much like Kojak, a cat my Auntie Bev had when I was a teenager.  Our Sparky would have been blown away!