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15, Apr, 2009

15th April 2009

Each day we hope Rory's temperature will remain stable but today it peaked at 1.30pm, just like yesterday.  The peaks are only occurring once a day now.  He is still on iv antibiotics and we hope they have the right cocktail.  The doctors will let us go home when he has remained spike free for 48 hours.  He will still have to take the antibiotic orally for a while.  If the temperatures flare up again when the antibiotics are finished it indicates he has an infection under the skull flap at the back of his head from the first operation.  This will need surgery to be cleared up.

Rory had a session with the physio and they played soccer.  Sam was goalie but Rory managed to get a few past him.  Steph handed out Rory's latest beads of courage.  He is on to his second string.  He got to choose four really cool beads for bravery during procedures over the past 6 days. 

We visited the winter gardens and the fernery in the Domain.

Rory made a new friend at Ronald McDonald House.  His name is Bradley and he is 7.  The boys talked about their lego. 

Sean and Sam returned home today.

Thanks to Katherine and Korie for the really cool package of photos and a home made I Spy.  Kories science table is impressive!  Our nurse Cherry found some of the items before we did!