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15, Nov, 2009

Sunday 15th November 2009


Rory is still on the ward.  His white blood count has increased to 0.67 but it wasn't high enough to convince the Doctor to release him.  It has been a quiet solemn day as Rory and I have watched the minutes tick by.  We were disappointed, and tired from the many disruptions last night.  There was little to do, and nothing kept our interest for very long.  We have read James and the Giant Peach, watched a little tv, played the Playstation, and done some drawing.  The boys had a game of monopoly. 

Sean and Sam have had a couple of interesting outings.  This morning they went to brunch at RM House to celebrate its 15th birthday.  Families rubbed shoulders with staff and sponsors to celebrate the wonderful service RM House has provided to the New Zealand community.  After lunch they walked down to the America's Cup boat sheds on the waterfront to check out the artists and art work on display at the Auckland Tattoo convention.