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19, Nov, 2009

Thursday 19th November 2009


It has been a pretty overwhelming couple of days.  This is the first opportunity I have had to let my fingers do the talking, and I do so amid a fair amount of chaos.  We have arrived back 'home' to Grannie and Grandad Gardiners at Whakapara.  There are mountains of washing, and gear is scattered in almost every room.  Sam is sitting in the lounge listening to Juice TV while he builds with the lego, and Sean and Sam are out in the garden in the sun examining bumble bees.  Slowly we are working our way through the tasks needed to bring a sense of order to our lives so we can move forward, and eventually make some decisions.

On Tuesday (17th) we took Rory up to the Oncology clinic at Starship to have the Vancomyacin lock removed from his lines, and have it replaced with Heparin.  He also got an injection of GCSF.  While we were there Make a Wish paid a 'surprise' visit and presented him with his wish ... the itinerary for a six day holiday on the Gold Coast, Australia next year.  They also came bearing a large water pistol and a bag of goodies (Make a Wish have their own Hot Wheels cars!).  Make a Wish brough with them Princess Leia, two Jedi knights, and Han Solo, complete with lightsabers and Jedi Kermit the Frog.  Rory was completely over whelmed.  It took him a while to realise what was happening and I don't think he knew how to react.  He was really blown away. 

We had lunch at Westfield Shopping Centre, in Manukau, where Santa picked up a few goodies, then went across to Rainbows End.  The Child Cancer Foundation had organised tickets for us.  It was Sean's first trip!  It was busy with several school groups, but once they left around 2pm we virtually had the park to ourselves.  Rory was a demon on the bumper boats, and Sam road the Fearfall (a 15 storey drop).  I think it scared the beejeezus out of him!  Rory also enjoyed the space rocket ride in Cadbury land as he got to operate the controls.

On Wednesday (18th) we got up early and packed the RM apartment.  We took Rory over to Starship were he had a finger prick blood test.  We caught up with Physio Rachel and arranged for Rory to begin therapy in early January.  We visited RM House and thanked them for providing us with a home away from home, and booked in for our return trips in December and January.  We called in to say goodbye to Sam's friend Noah and his family.  Elijah is doing as best as can be expected after his stem cell transplant (he received his four year old brothers cells), and they hope to be home by Christmas.  We plan to call in and see them in December when we return.  We collected Sam's school work from RM House School, and thanked Jocelyn for teaching the boys this year.  She and Marion are going to send the boys a pack of school work for the remainder of the term in the mail!  We went back up to the Oncology clinic.  Rory's blood results were ok so he didn't need GCSF, or a platelet transfusion.  I am taking him for a repeat blood test tomorrow in Whangarei to check they are holding.  We meet with Nurse Nicola and made a plan for Rory's care for the next four weeks while we are at home.  After lunch we loaded the two vehicles and drove north, Rory with me, and Sam with Sean.  We arrived in the door at 5.30pm.

Rory slept through the night, and started the day with a massive pee at 5am!  I couldn't believe he had done this, considering he gets 1000mls of milkshake over night.  He was coughing a bit during the night.  I think he and I have both caught colds, probably from someone in the hospital.  Sam and I headed out for a ride/run, and it was quite a different experience to the Domain.  Today we are spending the day at home.  The boys have made scones, used the Playstation, played with dogs Zsa Zsa and Patch, and built with the lego.  They are already complaining about being bored.  I think it is going to take some time for them to re-adjust to life on the outside where they make their own fun and activities.