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22, Nov, 2009

Sunday 22nd November 2009


Rory has enjoyed a weekend at 'home'.  I think it is a bit of a shock to his system to be doing normal things.  His eating improves each day as he is now eating a greater variety and amount of food.  We will not need to get a new ng tube put in tomorrow.  He is now sleeping through the night, and we are training him how to sleep lying down.  He has been sleeping sitting up since he had the first ng tube put in to aid his digestion and prevent nausea/vomiting. 

Sean and I enjoyed the WDC staff concert.  The theatre at Forum North was full of partners, friends and family.  The staff skits were entertaining, and in some cases hilariously funny.  Rory was tired at intermission so we wrapped him in a blanket, made a spare sweatshirt into a pillow and he lay across all our legs and went to sleep. 

Rory is walking around the house and section, and on Saturday morning walked around the supermarket, which was a huge feat considering how fatigued and uncoordinated he is.  His left side is also very weak.  He masks it by utilising his right hand and arm to a greater degree.  His left hand and arm are often hanging unused.  The deficit is most noticeable when he is walking as his left leg and foot go in all directions and don't bear his weight easily.  Hopefully they will strengthen and become more functional with physiotherapy, and the neuro-developmental program devised by Ian Hunter in Australia.  Sean and I picked up the mats for the NDT program from the storage unit today.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) we put up the trampoline on Grannie and Grandads back lawn.  Rory sat in the sun in his hat and sunnies and supervised.  He also wandered around Grannie's garden watering the plants.  He enjoyed helping Grannie make tea.

Today Sean and I went goat hunting and the boys stayed 'home' with Grannie and Grandad.  They had an action packed day; baking (peanut brownies, cupcakes, chocolate cake), having sword fights, playing on the trampoline, reading, and playing hide and seek.  I was anxious about leaving Rory.  I always feel a bit on edge when he is out of my sight, but all was fine when I arrived 'home'.