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16, Apr, 2009

16th April 2009

Rory and I have settled back into routine now that Sean and Sam have returned home.  We are getting a reputation as the night owls of Ronald McDonald House and Starship!  But I think the lack of continuous unbroken sleep is taking a toll on both of us.

It was the same news from the Doctors today.  They are continuing with the iv antibiotics.  Rory's temperature hit 38 degrees this afternoon but went no further.  He was warm and a bit scratchy and tired, but I think it was a good sign.  He has been hitting 39.  The temperature spikes at night seem to have stopped.  He had another blood sample taken last night to double check the bacteria identified in his system.  There is a possibility the sample could have been contaminated and they want to be sure.  He had another session of physio this morning, and they assessed his motor skills as a base line for future progress.  We also had a spin around town and Rory got a hair cut.  He looks like a new man!

This afternoon we visited the Zoo with some other families from Ronald McDonald House.  I think we got the most enjoyment from seeing the seals, the tamarin monkeys, and the tarantulas. 

I got a call today from a reporter from the Northern Advocate newspaper in Whangarei.  They are interested in running a story on Rory.  Soon I will have to ask him for an autograph!