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21, Jan, 2010

Thursday 21 January 2010


Happy 10th Birthday Lewis Miller aka the Pocket Rocket for Tuesday!

Happy Birthday Tim Shaw aka Tarzan for Wednesday!

Uncle Guy, my brother, works at Sport Taranaki and yesterday he spent the day helping out at Camp Quality.  Camp Quality NZ ( ) is a charitable trust dedicated to bringing fun, hope and happiness to the lives of children (5 to 16) living with cancer, their families and communities.  It is a voluntary organisation and thousands of hours each year go into raising funds and organising a week-long camp once per year which provides high quality recreational experiences i.e. kayaking, helicopter rides, games, IRB rides, abseiling, rock climbing, swimming.  It is a parent-free zone and there is one-on-one support for the children through Companions.  Uncle Guy said the children were carefree and having a ball, and most were vibrant, active and happy.  This gives me hope for Rory's future. 

Today we had a quiet morning indoors at home as it was wet.  Uncle Jason, Wendy, Logan and Mikaela came for lunch.  It cleared a bit when we finished eating so we went for a walk along the coastal walkway.  Sam and Logan zoomed ahead of us on the scooters, stopping at the platforms which jut out into the sea in the hope they might get splashed by the big westerly waves breaking on the walkway at high tide.  Rory walked a bit and rode in the buggy.  We stopped at the wind wand playground for a rest.  The large stone sculptures are finished and are on display on the foreshore.  They are due to be auctioned off this weekend.  It is neat to be able to walk amongst them, view and touch the myriad of forms and textures.  Off course it was ice cream for afternoon tea!  The boys, Uncle Jason and Mikaela had a swim in Wendy's parents pool.  The water was 34 degrees!  Sam and Logan were like fish.  The water was over Rory's head so he spent a lot of time on the steps as I had forgotten my togs.  He went out into the main part of the pool holding onto a noodle, and even though he was smiling and reassuring us he was ok I could tell he was afraid as the smile was forced and he said very little.  He was stoic and put on a brave face, I felt terrible for forgetting my togs.  It is the first time Rory has been in the water without me in almost a year, and while Uncle Jason was close by I could tell he felt vulnerable.  Tonight we are planning to head up to Pukekura Park to see the model aero club fly their planes and the Rip it up Dancing competition on the stage at the Hatchery Lawn (fingers crossed the rain stays away).

Yesterday (Wednesday) I woke up violently at 2.15am because I thought I heard Rory call out for me.  I got up to check on him but he was fast sleep.  Rory wasn't himself yesterday.  He was angry, grumpy, irritable and unhappy.  I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, he may have been tired.  I felt at a loss as to what to do for him as nothing I did made a difference.  It was very out of character.  We went to the Aquatic Centre in the morning for therapy but it was mayhem at the pool.  There was little room due to lane swimming, swimming lessons, and children arriving for a Big Splash event.  We gave up after 15 minutes and had a play.  We visited the Panel Beater who said it will cost $800 to fix our car.  At this stage we don't have to pay (I am very glad about this).  We called in to the Hospice shop to see Nana who volunteers there two days per week.  After lunch we went to the public library to borrow some books, and the boys used the interactive media.  Rory completed four tactile puzzles with his left hand.  We also visited the Govett Brewster Art Gallery.  Our favourite piece was the Moon Beam by artist Len Lye, and consisted of a fine wire vibrating in space.  As the speed and intensity of the motor at the base changed the fine wire danced and made patterns in the air.  Len Lye designed a number of kinetic sculptures, including the wind wand on the New Plymouth foreshore.  We called in to see Great Auntie Janet on our way home, and cousins Sacha and Corbyn came for a play before tea.