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18, Apr, 2009

18th April 2009 PartI

Rory won't be heading home any time soon.  The Infectious Disease team at the Hospital have decided there hasn't been a significant enough improvement in his temperatures with the two antibiotics they have tried.  So the only way to go froward is to go back.  They have stopped the antibiotics (last dose at 1pm yesterday) and will allow 48 hours for the type and source of infection to show itself.  On Sunday afternoon they will take blood samples and csf (cerebral spinal fluid) samples) to try and obtain accurate information about the source of infection.  We should know this by Monday morning.  Rory will likely need a new antibiotic regime through iv, and possibly surgery.  We are running out of time a bit as his surgery for radiotherapy is planned for next Thursday and we need to clear up the infection by then.  They have temporarily removed his iv so he has two hands free again.  He is happy about this!  We stayed last night at Starship, and at 1am his temperature spiked at 38.6 degrees so they took a blood sample to see if it will show anything.

He has woken up well this morning.  We have headed down to Ronald McDonald House for breakfast and a shower.  Sean is going to drop Sam in Hamilton today where he will be picked up by nana and poppa and taken to New Plymouth for the remainder of the school holidays.  Sean will be back at Starship tonite, and I will head home to Waihue tomorrow morning, back at Starship by Monday lunchtime. 

We had another visit last night by 'the Girls'.  It was wonderful to spend time with them and reminiss about the old days, although some of us had very selective memories about the clothes we wore, the music we listened to, and the boys we dated!  Rory loves the voice changer Mands - although I'm not so sure the doctors and nurses will!