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18, Apr, 2009

18th April 2009 PartII

Rory is looking forward to seeing dad (Sean) tonight.  Sam has been safely delivered to nana and poppa Honnor where I am sure he will be spoilt rotten for the rest of the holidays.  Rory and I visited the Auckland Museum today.  They have a great Weird and Wonderful section.  Rory particularly liked the drawers full of scorpions and tarantulas.  I felt sad seeing the drawer full of our beautiful native birds.  Rory's temperature hit 38.3 degrees like clockwork after lunch but didn't climb any higher, and he coped with it very well.

We have had some new visitors today.  Julie, Zane and Josh Williams, old friends from Kamo, called in to say hi.  Thanks for the lovely note Julie.  Your present helped Rory pass a couple of quiet hours on the Ward!  We had a visit from Nana Collins, Jo, Finn, Caleb and Emma Brimelow.  Jo is also one of 'the Girls'.  It was lovely to see the kids energy and smiling faces.  I look forward to the day Rory can keep up with the fun and games again.  Motat sounds like it will be a go for Sean and Rory tomorrow, and I'm sure they will be in to the lego chopper as well!