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23, Feb, 2010

Tuesday 23rd February 2010


The school days blur into each other.  When we are not on the road we are in the class room, and there is no shortage of work to do.  My primary role at school is to assist Rory.  In the quiet times (and when I am shooed off by Miss Hallett) I have been working on a School High Health Needs Fund application to the Ministry of Education (MoE) to obtain 'formal' assistance for Rory ( Teacher Aide), and a Health Care Plan to ensure he remains safe and well at school, and is able to fully participate in the curriculum.  I finally completed the first draft of these forms yesterday and emailed them to MOE this morning.  I have not helped Miss Hallett much in class over the last week but hope to start again soon. 

Yesterday (Monday) we arrived at school before Kody and I noticed Rory took himself off to the side of the class quietly waiting.  School started with assembly.  It is always a pleasure to hear the children singing waiata with gusto, particularly when the boys (remember to) chime in with their deep strong voices.  After assembly the children did Word Works.  They are working on nouns.  Rory keeps commenting the teacher is doing too fast and he seems easily lost and confused.  I work slowly through the work sheets with him.  It is a learning curve for both of us and I have to regularly remind myself to step back.  He is capable of completing the work on his own just at a slower pace.  I am merely the supporting framework.  The next activity was a Reading exercise.  Rory was taken aside for a maths test.  He has been subject to more testing than his classmates as the last academic records the school holds for him were during Term 2 last year (after radiotherapy).  The class went swimming and Rory built with the blocks as we couldn't get the computer to work.  I saw Whaea Danielle and voiced my concerns about Rory's desk i.e. he has to hold it open with one hand and retrieve items with the other as well as holding things on top of his desk.  It is awkward, tiring and unsafe for him.  Whaea showed up half an hour later with a new desk with a sliding drawer underneath.  Magic!  After morning tea Rory and Kody used the blocks for construction, then the class had an indoor game.  After lunch the children set up their homework books for this week, maths, spelling, reading, and an investigation into going on a Quest.  Hand writing followed.  Rory's is very neat but he writes very slowly.  The children enjoyed finishing off a day with a visit to the school library.  After school we went to the Dargaville Pool so Sam could have a swimming lesson.  We stopped Sam's swimming lessons at the end of the second term last year as we couldn't make manage it.  Sam has been slotted into a class straight after school on a Monday which suits us, and had retained great swimming coach Sam.  Rory and I had a swim in the hydrotherapy pool.  It was filled with children, many of whom Rory knew.  He was giving them a wide berth until Conor and Zac Wily arrived and were keen to throw a ball around with him.  It didn't take long before Rory had moved in closer and was playing as hard as he could, taking the knocks, and laughing. 

Today we were a little bit late but made it before the bell (so not as late as dad!).  The boys did their homework in the car on the drive over; spelling and maths.  They are pretty good at reading every night before bed.  They always look like they are in a world of their own in bed inside the black mosquito nets.  School started with Word works (more on nouns), then a reading exercise (brain storming how mice are like us).  After morning tea the class went swimming.  Rory and I worked on his Quest investigation (homework).  Rory wanted a turn on the computer but couldn't remember his password, and I didn't know it.  He got grumpy and angry.  When the class returned they had Maths, a basic facts test, then Rory's group did some numeracy learning on the floor with Miss Hallett.  At lunch Rory came inside to sit down and was complaining about the heat.  After lunch the children worked through part of a self assessment sheet for their Quest project.  The class went off to a Recorder lesson but Rory didn't want to go as he said he was tired.  He sat at the computer and worked through a reading learning programme instead.