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20, Apr, 2009

20th April 2009

There has been little change in Rory's condition and he has the doctors baffled.  His temperature continues to fluctuate,  reaching up to 38.5 degrees twice per day.  All the blood samples taken when he is at his warmest do not show any sign of infection.  He gets stronger and happier in himself everyday.  He is eating well and his mobility is improving.  Yesterday the doctors took a sample of csf (cerebral spinal fluid) as he had been off antibiotics for 48 hours.  We do not yet know the results.  The doctors are paranoid about infection. Our neurosurgeon Mr Law arrives back today so he is going to review all the information collected and make a decision about what to do now.  They may repeat the MRI to take another look inside his head.

Rory and Sean have been in Auckland without me for the last 20 hours.  I am in Dargaville, heading back in a few minutes.  Rory has been splitting his days between Ronald McDonald House and Starship (when the temperatures peak).  Yesterday we had a visit from his best mate Kody Johnston (his mum Trudi, and her mum).  It was the first time Rory had had his own visitor outside family and it was wonderful to see.  The two boys were so happy to see each other, and Kody went straight into Rory's personal space just like he always has done.  Rory has missed the company of his friends, and I have noticied him losing confidence and withdrawing.  The two boys were inseparable during Kody's visit (thanks so much Trudi for bringing him down, the treasures, and the pumpkin soup hit the spot for tea!).  As I was leaving a second wave of visitors arrived from home, the Tregidga's (Darryl, Jo, Jessica and Ethan).  They went with Sean, Rory and the Johnstons for a whizz around the Museum and for lunch.  Rory was pleased to see them, as were we (thanks for calling in). 

Keep your eyes peeled for the newspapers this week. The Dargaville and Districts News are running a story in their paper, and the Northern Advocate have one in preparation.  I have sent some new photos down to Mandy today so they should be on the website this afternoon.