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25, Apr, 2010

Sunday 25th April 2010

I think the news and activity of the week has caught up with me.  I’ve definitely been slower this weekend.  This morning I took the dogs for a walk up the back while Sean got the boys breakfast ready.  It was very foggy but the world glistened with spiders webs of all descriptions.  After breakfast Sean went for a run towards Helena Bay.  The boys and I left 45 minutes after him and picked him up on the road.  We drove out to Ngahau beach and when we arrived the fog was lifting to reveal the sun, and it was low tide.  Sean and Sam were straight into the water to collect mussels for Grandad for lunch.  Rory and I examined the rock pools.  We saw sea anemones, sea slugs, starfish and a juvenile octopus camouflaged like the rocks. It was watching us while we were watching it, and it wasn’t happy to be spotted. Sean broke open some pipi’s and fed the octopus.  It reached its long thin tentacles out into the water to take the shellfish.  When it touched my finger it clung on and moved towards me as if to take me on.  The boys had a swim (it was a little cold for me).  Sam and Rory enjoy swimming au natural when there is no one around.  We walked up and over the headland through coastal forest to drop down into the secluded bay to the north.  It was very loose and dry underfoot.  I was amazed at some of the massive pohutukawa formations.  We explored the bay.  Sam and I found a cave, and Sean and Rory found some kina.  When we got back to the car Ministry of Fisheries Officers were busting two men who had taken too many mussels, and some were undersized.  It was good to see people being reprimanded for abusing he environment.  We arrived back at Whakapara for a late lunch, and we are having a quiet afternoon.

Yesterday (Saturday) Sam had his first soccer game for the season for Kamo Black in the 11th grade.  The game was held at Tikipunga sports ground at 9.30am.  He  played Kamo Kauri and his good friend from Dargaville, Conor, was filling in for the opposition.  This was hard for Sam as he wasn’t keen to play hard against one of his good mates.  At half time the score was 1-1 and the other team had been more aggressive.  Kamo Black turned it around in the second half to win 3-1.  Coach Jeremy, Sam and the other players were thrilled.  It was an enjoyable game to watch.  We spent the remainder of the morning in town doing jobs, and had a quiet afternoon at Whakapara.

On Friday Sam had to hurry me up for school.  The children started the day by checking their homework in pairs (Rory was with Liam), then learnt about how to correctly use a dictionary.  Miss Hallett worked with Rory during the adjective writing exercise (what the children thought/saw when they first walked into their new classroom).  After morning tea the children did more work on statistics and graphs, and enjoyed waiata (Rory sat at the front and put the words onto the projector).  The boys and I had a sausage sizzle for lunch (there have to be some perks for being at school on a Friday!).  It has been colder and damp so Miss Hallett has arranged for Rory to eat his lunch, and play, inside at lunch time with a couple of mates.  Rory feels the cold more readily than his friends.  This is due to a combination of things; his bare feet, bare head, and reduced level of activity.  He also refuses to wear a sweatshirt a lot of the time.  After lunch the children started an art activity; designing an aliens face.  These will eventually be 3D creations.