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29, Apr, 2010

Thursday 29th April 2010

It has been a quiet week.  We continue to wait to hear the outcome of Sean’s interview with the Taranaki Regional Council.  We remain optimistic. 

Sean took the boys to school on Monday while I went to work at the Council.  Only three weeks remain for me to complete my report, and I’m stressing a little.  Sam received a certificate in assembly for descriptive writing.  I was pleased because this is something boys struggle with.  The school day for Rory included; reading, writing (learning about similies), maths, and a visit to the library.   Rory is venturing out a little further onto the asphalt with the rubber balls at lunch time with Kody and Korie, although I know he is uncomfortable and wary.  The rough ground and stones under his feet impede his movement and hurt but he refuses to put on shoes.  The boys all went for a swim at the Dargaville Pool before they came home.  When I got home Rory was shattered, and hardly responsive.  He struggled to eat his dinner and asked to go to bed early.  I was shocked to see him this drained on a Monday, even though Dr Katherine said it could happen.  I know we don’t appreciate the amount of effort it takes him to get through a ‘normal’ day under the influence of the treatment he has received.  We are seeing him gain strength, but it was a strong reminder we need to take things slowly and gently. 

On Tuesday I woke up with a migraine and felt awful so didn’t go anywhere.  It was pouring with the first real rain in AGES.  Sean looked after the boys for the day.  They played monopoly, the game of life, the playstation, sorted their card collection, and did their homework.  I managed to get back on my feet by lunchtime.  When the rain broke before dinner we all went for a half hour walk up the road.  Sean and Rory turned back before the end, but Sam and I carried on and ended up getting soaking wet when the rain returned. 

Yesterday (Wednesday) Rory started the day with physiotherapy at the Child Health Clinic with Catherine at 8am.  He completed the usual circuit in the gum, then did some throwing and kicking with a ball.  He also had a go at hopping but he struggles with it, and it tires him quickly.  We drove to Dargaville and started school at 10am.  The subjects for the day were writing (Rory wrote a similie poem about Sam), maths (Rory worked in a group with Miss Hallet), handwriting, and the start of a new topic on Space. 

Today I am at school with Rory.  I have moved into the teachers room behind the class with my laptop and mountain of paperwork.  I keep one eye in the class room at all times, and go in when Rory needs my support.  He is free to come and get me, or bring himself to this quiet place if he needs the break, at any time.  Today’s subjects have included; maths, waiata, writing (Rory finished his poem about Sam and was challenged by Miss Hallett to make it more descriptive), work words looking at the sounds within words, hand writing, and their topic.  I met with Whaea Danielle to discuss the number of teacher aide hours we will apply for from the Ministry of Education.  I am currently working on the application, and we will hopefully submit it on Monday.