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07, May, 2010

Friday 7th May 2010

The wheels are finally turning for our move to Taranaki.  I have a notepad of lists covering everything from moving ourselves and our household effects, transitioning the boys to a new school, the potential purchase of a home, Rory’s surgery before we go and his return to Starship not long after we get there, completing my contract at Council, and Sean beginning a new stage in his career.  I’ve tried to leave no stone unturned but I know there will be something I have forgotten.  These things eventually rise to the surface.  I’m trying to pace myself, and not get wound up if there isn’t an instant result.  Patience isn’t one of my strengths but I’ve learnt many things in life are out of our control, and all we can do is wait. 

Sean went to school with the boys on Monday but was absent for much of the morning as he represented our family at Mr Wily’s funeral, and caught up with our old neighbours Clive and Iris.  Rory’s teacher kept a close eye on him, even massaging his left foot/leg when it went numb during assembly!  In the morning Rory wrote a great poem about Hot Chips, and Sean helped him decorate it.  After lunch they went to the Dargaville Public Library to get some books to read before bed.  When they came to collect Sam after school he had a bloody and bandaged knee.  Turns out he injured himself playing soccer on the field, something about a slab of concrete, a metal pole and saving the goal. 

On Tuesday Rory’s class had a reliever.  Miss Hallett left a modified lesson programme for Rory on her desk for me to work through with him.  The day started with Word Works, looking at the long and short O sound.  Rory completed two worksheets with me providing support.  During reading Rory completed a worksheet he had started with Miss Hallett on the mat the day before.  He wrote a similie poem about himself “I am as slow as a snail, I am as funny as a clown, I am as brave as a lion, I am as fuzzy as a newborn kitten, I am as happy as a busy bee”.  The children had their basic facts testing for maths, and took part in maths games with the relieving teacher.  She worked a lot faster than Miss Hallett which made Rory uptight and panicy as he tried to rush his work.  During writing he practiced the letter O.  Rory ate his lunch inside with a couple of his friends.  He has started wearing a merino icebreaker under his clothes for warmth.  He is going to find it cold in the Naki.  After lunch Rory and I visited the public library, he and dad didn’t get anywhere near enough books on Monday, and attended middle syndicate assembly.  I managed to complete the final form for the Ministry of Education to allocate teacher aide hours for Rory.  We are now waiting to hear the outcome. 

On Wednesday Rory woke up full of the cold at 4.50am, so we decided to keep the boys back from school.  They were looked after by Sean and Grannie Gardiner.  Sean and I has an appointment first thing at Mike Pero mortgages to see if we were able to purchase a house in Taranaki.  Fortunately we can.  I went to work at Whangarei District Council where I worked on the final chapter of my report.  At home Sean did the usual male stuff with the boys; paying the playstation, building and flying paper planes, shooting with their bows, watching tv.  He and Sam went to soccer practice at 4pm, and I went for a walk to stretch my legs and breathe fresh air when I got home. 

Yesterday (Thursday) Rory woke again at 5am with a mucky nose, and got into our bed.  We drove across to Dargaville and after he had his name called for the roll I took him to the Doctors.  He has been given an antibiotic.  He is scheduled for surgery at Whangarei Hospital on the 20th and needs to be well for them to operate.  If the surgery is post poned he will need to go onto a waiting list for Taranaki Base Hospital.  They only have a visiting Urologist.  , When we returned to school the children were doing a writing exercise.  At morning tea the playground was humming with paper plane activity.  During maths Rory’s group was on the mat with Miss Hallett, and while the rest of the class were at Bible Rory played learning games on the computer.  After lunch the children worked on their topic – Space.  Rory worked in a group with Adam and Liam to complete a chart. 

I’ve been leaving Whakapara later and later in the mornings.  This morning we only just made it before the bell.  The children started the day by ordering their bbq’d sausages and marking their homework in pairs.  They then wrote a piece of descriptive writing about their pet.  Rory wrote about a kitten we used to own called Poppy.  Maths followed, and the children are currently working on their handwriting (letter Q) before they head to waiata.