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14, May, 2010

Friday 14th May 2010

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and emotional.  Our lives have moved into a new phase.  Since January we have been patiently waiting for the balls we have thrown to drop as we get on with our lives.  Several have dropped over the last month, and are rolling around.  I am chasing them to catch them so I can put them in the right place.  It requires continuous multitasking and is stressful and tiring. 

Yesterday morning at school I lost it.  School photos were scheduled and all the children (and the teachers) arrived looking smart.  I watched from the doorway as Rory’s class (Room 3) has their photo taken, and tears well up in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks.  I was powerless to stop them.  Last year when school photos were taken Rory was on the Neurosurgical ward at Starship recovering from his fourth brain surgery.  His teacher (Miss Barr) blew up a photo of Rory (from the shoulders up) and his best mates Kody and Korie held it between them when the photo was taken.  This enabled Rory to be there, but he was a shadow.  This year he is real and vibrant.  He was there in body and spirit.  It was overwhelming for me to see him take part in something as normal as a class photo.  Moments like these are all the more valuable because we don’t know how many more there will be.  Rory has four more years to fight before he is considered to be clear of cancer. 

Rory has worked supported by his peers and Miss Hallett this week.  I have beavered away in the teacher’s office hovering worriedly.  I didn’t think it would last five days.  Rory started to slow yesterday afternoon, eventually coming to a standstill.  He was exhausted last night, eating little and was in bed early.  He slept last this morning.  He should have had today off but Sam stayed last night in Dargaville at his good mate Dylan’s so we had to come over to collect him.  We agree to stay for half a day.  Miss Hallett and I are keeping and eye on Him making sure he has a quiet morning. 

Sam had a haircut this week for school photos as he was starting to look pretty woolly and scruffy (I think he has aspirations for hair like his cousin Logan).  He and Rory had a photo taken together yesterday.  Rory has been eating lunch inside with a small group of friends as it has been wet and cool over the past week but I have been encouraging him to go outside for fresh air and exercise when the weather is fine.  He and Sam went to kapa haka on Tuesday after school. 

On Wednesday morning before school Rory had physio with Catherine at the Child Health Clinic.  Sean took the boys across to Dargaville Primary while I worked my final day at Whangarei District Council.  My report on the State of the Environment (Biodiversity) of Whangarei District is finished.  It is not how I would have liked it but it is done.  It will hopefully shed some light on the state of biodiversity, what is threatening it, and how Council and the community can make a difference.  I had lunch with my good friend Dianne.  We sit next to each other in the Policy and Monitoring Department.  She has provided me with a huge amount of help and support over the past 14 months, as well as being an awesome friend.  I am going to miss her.  Sam came home with a note from the Dental Nurse saying he needed a filling.  I gave him (another) lecture about the correct way to clean his teeth.  I spoke to the Dental Nurse and they are going to see him before we leave Dargaville.  Rory’s teacher aide entitlement (until we move) for Dargaville Primary School has been confirmed.  This means Rory will be able to be supported until the end of the term.