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21, Apr, 2009

21st April 2009

Rory and I aren't too keen on spending nights on the ward.  We are both early birds while most patients are night owls watching tv and talking loudly until the wee small hours.  We are all paranoid about his temperature so the nurses come in every hour during the night to check.  He seems to sleep through a lot of it but I wake up each time thinking he'll need a blood test.  He hit 38 degrees last night but didn't get any warmer. 

We have had a busy day.  Following rounds (Dr Jason assures us no change to the plan except Rory now has to have a blood test every time he reaches 38 degrees) Rory had a physio session with Rachel and Rebecca putting together numbered eggs, and playing balloon volleyball (while balancing on a gym ball).  We had a visit from Dianne and Riccardo.  I share an office with Dianne, David and Anne-jo at Whangarei District Council, Riccardo works there too. It was great to catch up on the work news and enjoy their company (Rory also enjoyed the treats!).  We visited Carol at the Child Cancer Foundation for a catch up.  She gave us a bag of clothes for Rory from Just Kids (JK).  He has always been pretty fussy about what he wears so he was thrilled.  The Child Cancer Foundation is such a warm, welcoming, friendly environment it feels like a coccoon from the reality of our lives.  We also had a visit from Miss Phillips (one of Sam's teachers) from Dargaville Primary School.  She was on her way back home from a holiday to Perth, Australia.  She brought Rory a postcard and showed him photos of her trip.

Rory's temperature reached 38 degrees again this afternoon so he had another blood culture.  All the cultures lately have been clear of infection.  The Playspecialist Sarah was on hand to distract Rory with the goodies in her suitcase, including a squishy ball full of eyeballs, a handheld fan with different coloured flashing lights, and a squishy orange hedgehog which fit over Rory's hand!

We also caught up with Steph and Rory collected another 12 beads for bravery over the past 5 days.