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23, May, 2010

Sunday 23rd May 2010

Rory is still in Whangarei Hospital.  The red shingles rash has spread backwards over the right side of his scalp, down his forehead, around and under his eye, and down beside his ear.  There are some small lesions.  The Doctors have added two antibiotics to the medication he is receiving intravenously, to combat any potential infection/cellulitis.  A new iv line was put in Rory’s right arm yesterday.  The one in his left hand was giving him pain, and when it was removed his left hand swelled to twice its size (it had tissued, the medication draining into his pain rather than up his vein).  If there has been no improvement in Rory’s condition tomorrow morning we will transfer him to Taranaki Base Hospital when we get to New Plymouth tomorrow evening.  Fortunately he has experienced no further pain in his eye or head since Friday.  Sean and I are taking turns during the day, and at night, to stay with him.  We are passing the time with DVDs, reading, playing games, and Rory plays his Nintendo.  We have had visits from brother Sam, Grannie Gardiner, our good friends Denise and Lewis, and Dianne and Riccardo.  They all brought treats for Rory (and us).  We got the Beads of Courage box from the Nurses and Rory collected 22 new beads for the treatment he has received over the past month.  Sean took Sam to soccer yesterday (Saturday) morning.  Kamo Black played Maunu and won 9-0.  Sean said Sam played well, setting up some of the goals and scoring one himself.  We are pleased he is playing well, as we know he has natural ability for the game.  It was Sam’s last game with the team and I know he felt sad about it.